Nexon and Marvel have teamed to launch Marvel Battle Lines, a strategic, turn-based card battle game featuring some of the most iconic Marvel super heroes and super villains on mobile devices worldwide.

The new mobile app comes with a few issues, but ultimately its addictive gameplay will have you struggling to put your phone down.

Marvel Battle Lines

The first flaw players will experience is the complexity of the game. There are a lot of things to learn so be prepared to set aside a good block of time just to get through the tutorial. As I’ve continued to play, I’ve noticed that even with the extensive tutorial, there are aspects of the game I wasn’t made aware of. So when you do get past the long introduction, be prepared to learn a bit on the fly as well. Once you do, the game will become much simpler.

My only other issue with the game, and this is a bit nit-picky for a game that just launched, is it seems to have some bugs and unfinished qualities. Ive noticed typos and minor glitches throughout the tutorial. The app has already updated twice since I began playing, so it would seem these kinds of things will be fixed quickly.

The game creates a brand new Marvel story that hits on all the classic plot points including a Hydra attack, a cosmic power and a mysterious portal to Asgard. It delivers the story via comic book panels which introduce some of the most iconic Marvel characters –  like Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Red Skull and more – almost immediately.

Marvel fans will enjoy the amount and variety of different characters that appear in this game. Having only played for a few hours, I’ve already seen Bruce Banner, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Maria Hill, Nick Fury, Bullseye, Absorbing Man and many more.

On top of the story, the game offers plenty of different options. There are daily challenges, seasonal events, online play, trial simulations and more. There are also daily rewards players can take advantage of to level up and strengthen their decks with new heroes and villains.

The game play itself is, as I’ve said, addictive. It’s a strategic card game that requires you to think one move ahead of your opponent. Think of it as tic-tac-toe with an extra row of boxes and… well, superpowers. The objective is to line up your cards in a row of three or four in order to attack your opponent, hence the name “Battle Lines.”

Marvel Battle Lines

Marvel Battle Lines can be downloaded on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play for Android devices. For more information on Marvel Battle Lines players can visit the game’s official website.