The holidays are just around the corner and Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet is shaping up to be one of the biggest family films of the year. The Disney Princess scene has already gone viral, giving audiences a taste of what’s to come. Inspired by this short on-screen moment where Vanellope meets her fellow Disney Princesses comes this doll set from Shop Disney.

The set is big, but it’s not as sizable as you might think. These are 6-inch dolls rather than the standard 12-inch and they are a lot more posable, with soft plastic legs with armature inside that allows them to be placed in a sitting position or standing. Ariel, for example, is kneeling in the box. Their arms, elbows, and wrists are articulated as well, allowing for a large variety of poses and play aspects.

The box doubles as a carrying case and features still images from this sequence in the film. There are a total of 12 Disney Princesses included (although it’s missing Anna and Elsa from Frozen) and it also comes with a Vanellope figure, who is in perfect scale with the taller royals. She is the only doll in the set that doesn’t feature rooted hair or soft clothes (the only fabric on Vanellope is her skirt). For this reason, she feels more like an action figure.

Each Princess received a brand-new face sculpt for this set. Snow White looks lost without her glasses, Cinderella is stunned as she whips out her broken glass slipper, Aurora is in a sleepy daze, Ariel is overenthusiastic, Belle is quizzical, Jasmine is relaxed after using her inhaler, Pocahontas is too cool for this, Mulan is also better than this, Tiana is flirtatious, Rapunzel is fierce, Merida is overconfident, and Moana is chill. Each doll has rooted hair styled to match their comfortable attire. The clothes and shoes are a lot of fun, but the biggest issue with these dolls is that at 6-inches high, some of their designs don’t translate well from the screen to doll form. It’s impossible to see Cinerella’s “GTG” on her shirt, for example.

I’m predicting that Ralph Breaks the Internet will be a box office sensation and that as a result of the hilarious Disney Princess scene, this doll set will be on the wish list of every Disney Princess fan, young and young at heart. The set fetches a pretty penny at $99.95, but it means each Princess is about $8 with Vanellope thrown in for free. You’d pay more than that if they were sold separately like action figures, so it’s actually a good deal. And no, they aren’t sold separately to begin with.

My guess is that this Ralph Breaks the Internet doll set will be in high demand once the movie comes out. Like an Elsa doll in 2013, I expect this to be very hard to get for shoppers that procrastinate. If you or a loved one is a big Disney Princess fan, this is a must-have play set that would be perfect for both kids and adults.