While many are paying attention to the midterms, we are focused on the local races in Anaheim. Many are wondering if a new mayor and a new city council will be able to repair the fractured relationship with the Disneyland Resort. Also on the ballot is Measure L which would raise the minimum wage for certain businesses that receive subsidies from the city. While the city has said the measure will not apply to the Disneyland Resort, other interested parties disagree

While we do not endorse candidates or political positions, we are sharing the results as well as which candidates for City Council were supported by the Disneyland Resort. Look for analysis once the results are in.

UPDATED 11/13/18 5:00pm PT

Anaheim Mayor

Completed Precincts: 129  of 129

Candidate Vote Count Percentage
Ashleigh Aitken 18,626 31%
Cynthia Ward 5,444 9.1%
Robert WIlliams 1,919 3.3%
Tony D. Martin 816 1.4%
Fuji Shioura 2,015 3.3%
Harry Sidhu 20,834 34.6%
Lorri Galloway 8,846 14.7%
Rudy Gaona 1,651 2.7%

Anaheim City Council District 2

Completed Precincts: 20 of 20

Candidate Vote Count Precinct
Duane Roberts 1,793 21.8%
James Derek Vanderbilt * 2,532 30.7%
Robert Trimble 373 4.5%
Jordan Brandman 3,357 40.8%
Donald Bruhns 181 2.2%

(*) Indicates Current Serving Councilmember

Green Indicates Candidate Supported by Disneyland Resort

Anaheim City Council District 3

Completed Precincts: 14 of 14

Candidate Vote Count Percentage
Mitch Caldwell 2.604 31.9%
Robert R. Nelson 1,282 15.7%
Jose F. Moreno* 4,280 52.4%

(*) Indicates Current Serving Councilmember

Green Indicates Candidate Supported by Disneyland Resort

Anaheim City Council District 6

Completed Precincts: 37 of 37

Candidate Vote Count Percentage
Grant Henninger 3,569 19.5%
Trevor O’Neil 8,383 45.8%
Patty Gaby 6,346 34.7%

Green Indicates Candidate Supported by Disneyland Resort

Measure L, Initiative Ordinance to Increase Minimum Wage

Completed Precincts: 129 of 129

Vote Count Percentage
Yes 31.890 51.9%
No 29,554 48.1%


With Sidhu, Brandman, and O’Neil wins, Disney will once again have a favorable majority on the Anaheim City Council. They will join pro-Disney councilmembers Kring and Faessel to bring their votes to 5 while Moreno will rejoin Barnes in the minority with 2 votes.

But while Anaheim and Disneyland look to reset their relationship, they may be limited to what sort of economic assistance the city would provide due to Measure L. While the initiative to increase the minimum wage for certain business that receive economic assistance from Anaheim is leading by 422 votes, it is still too early to call as there are provisional ballots as well as mail-in ballots that need to be counted.

While Anaheim believes the measure does not currently apply to the Disneyland Resort, expect labor unions to challenge that interpretation. They outspent the Disneyland Resort in campaign contributions to support candidates and the measure having spent $1.9 million compared to the Disneyland Resort’s $1.6 million.


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