Review: Incredibles Purse by Loungefly

Whether she meant to or not, my mom has instilled in me the need to be practical. From giving household items and wardrobe necessities as presents to packing everything into a compact space, I’ve learned to live with what I need and not much excess. I share this because, a few weeks ago, I was asked to review the new Incredibles bag from Loungefly and when I opened it, I thought it was huge.

I was delighted when offered the opportunity to review this purse. I happen to love The Incredibles and thought this would be a fun way to share my fandom. Plus, I’ve seen the Loungefly bags all over Disney and at BoxLunch, but never owned one. Prior to receiving the bag, I saw a picture on and thought the bag looked to be medium sized. The bright red background and small Incredibles logos seemed a bit on the bold side for me, but I was excited to check it out.

When the box arrived, it was bigger than I’d expected—about 8″ x 12″. Inside, was the purse wrapped in heavy packing paper, with the handles of the bag secured by a cardboard band. There was a small tag attached with the product name and price. Once I’d removed all the packaging, I unzipped the purse. Many of the most popular Loungefly items are mini backpacks and I actually appreciated that this wasn’t. It’s a slightly boxy satchel with a completely flat bottom and features curved sides. A single zipper opens the bag at the top and inside are two pockets, one zippered, one without any closure.

As I said before, the outside of the bag is a bold red background with small Incredibles logos. The logos are the perfect size — not too big, not too small but easy enough to recognize. In fact, everywhere I’ve taken it, someone has asked, “Is that an Incredibles purse?!” to which I respond, “Yes! It’s by Loungefly and you can get it on!” Everyone who’s stopped me has thought it was cool. And it is; it’s just that the design is little louder than I’m used to and it’s a tad bit too large for me.

When I say it’s too large for me, I didn’t even fill it a quarter of the way full! I’ve scaled down to a phone case/wallet and carry very few additional accessories. I have my car keys on a clip that hook onto my belt loop, and as far as makeup goes I don’t use much beyond eye shadow and liner. And while all this fits, it’s got plenty of room to slide around. Also, since I didn’t fill it, the sides sink in a bit when pressing against my hip. That said, if you load up your purse, you will appreciate all the room in this bag. Honestly, you could comfortably fit a mini tablet in here with more than enough room to spare. Update: I recently purchased a Nintendo Switch and it fits in the purse in its handheld position (both controllers attached on the sides).

The bag is designed well and felt very sturdy. It comes with an adjustable strap so it can be worn on your shoulder, or across your body. I used it both way and prefer the crossbody style. It’s excellent quality and I noticed no construction defects. The zippers worked well, the handles were solid, and the strap was secure and sturdy. After checking everything out, I noticed a black mark about the thickness of pencil tip on the very front. I tried to remove it, but could not. Fortunately it’s small and didn’t smudge.

Final thoughts:

While this bag is larger than what I’m used to carrying and has more room than I needed, it’s the perfect medium sized bag for those who need to carry a lot with them. I appreciated the inclusion of the interior pockets and the removable, adjustable strap, The quality of the bag matches the price and is what I’d anticipated from Loungefly. If you are in the market for a fun new purse that represents your love of Pixar, than this may be the bag for you!

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