Disney Junior’s Vampirina arrives on DVD with its second volume, Vampirina: Ghoul Girls Rock. This release packages six recent episodes with seven bonus features to provide over two hours of spooky family fun. The episodes included in this release are:

  • “Vampire Weekend/The Bird Who Knew Too Much” – Vampirina and Poppy accidentally switch places and have until sunrise to reverse back to normal before they’re stuck that way. Then Vee and Poppy agree to watch their class pet, a parrot that repeats too much of Vampirina’s spooky life.
  • “The Ghoul Girls/Game Night” – When the Scream Girls check into the bed and breakfast, they teach Vampirina and her friends how to rock as they form their own girl group, the Ghoul Girls. Then Vampirina shows her friends some of her favorite games from Transylvania.
  • “Oldie but a Ghouldie/Beast in Show” – It’s time for spring cleaning, but Gregoria is feeling self conscious when she gets mistaken for old junk. Then Vee enters Wolfie into a dog show only to learn that his ability to become a werewolf isn’t a good thing in the human world.
  • “Vampirina Ballerina/Treasure Hunters” – When Vee joins her friends in a ballet recital, she becomes self-conscious about her magical abilities. Then Vampirina discovers a treasure map with a captain ghost that needs her help.
  • “Home Screen Home” – This special double-length episode finds Vampirina returning to Transylvania with her Ghoul Girls band mates, Bridget and Poppy. But when the Scream Girls are captured, it’s up to the Ghoul Girls to save them.
  • “Countess Vee/Frights, Camera, Action!” – When Vampirina finds out she’s the heir to a castle, she practices her future role as Countess. Then she steps behind the camera to help her friends compete in a school film festival.

Each episode is full of music and fun, although the “Ghoul Girls” theme only really applies to two of the six episodes. While apps like Disney Now make it easy to access these same episodes, streaming isn’t always an option. This DVD allows kids to hold these episodes in their hand and take them anywhere they have a DVD player.

Bonus Features

Music Video Shorts – Seven Ghoul Girls songs with hand-drawn animated music videos. They all features the same CG intro with Vee’s household friends sharing spooky snacks in front of their TV.

  • “Living the Scream”
  • “Inner Ghoul”
  • “Transylvania Girls”
  • “Ghoul Glam”
  • “Boogieman Boogie”
  • “Everybody Scream, Everybody Howl”
  • “The Mummy Rap”

Packaging & Design

Vampirina: Ghoul Girls Rock comes in a standard black DVD case without a slipcover. Inserts include a code for Disney Movie Rewards and a flier for the Disney Movie Club.

This disc uses Disney’s Fast Play service that allows you to insert the disc and walk away without waiting for a menu. If you let it run its course, you get previews for Mary Poppins Returns and Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 3 before the episodes. After the bonus features, it plays additional ads for Disney Movie Rewards and Disney Now. The main menu features a still image of the Ghoul Girls.

Final Thoughts

Vampirina: Ghoul Girls Rock is a fun way for kids to own over two-hours of the hit Disney Junior show with six music-filled episodes plus bonus music videos. You won’t find any physical bonuses like Disney Junior used to provide with these releases, but the content is the main reason for the purchase.