It’s beginning to look a lot like Rex-Mas, according to Cookiesaurus Rex. This sassy t-rex cookie came to life last fall with Disney Hyperion’s children’s book by Amy Fellner Dominy and Nate Evans. Now that Christmas is here, Cookiesaurus wants to be the center of attention once again with Cookiesaurus Christmas.

What do you do with all the Christmas cookies you bake? The majority of them are shared with friends and family, but at least one plate full are reserved as a special treat for Santa. This Christmas, Cookiesaurus is determined to be on that plate. After all, he is the king of the cookie sheet.

We only ever see the child’s hands, but he or she is making logical choices with the cookies placed on Santa’s plate. Stars, bells, and gingerbread men are the cookies destined for the jolly old elf’s bowl full of jelly, but Cookiesaurus Rex is having none of it. He is decorated for the holiday and he is determined to be Santa’s favorite cookie this year.

Like the holiday itself, Rex soon learns that he has hurt his cookie friends with his selfishness and greed. After bumping so many friends off Santa’s plate, can he ever redeem himself? You and your kids can find out when you share Cookiesaurus Christmas together this holiday season.

All of the text is from Cookiesaurus’ speech bubbles and he is one verbal cookie. The charming illustrations by AG Ford offer great details and the cookies actually look frosted, with light reflecting off the dried frosting just like in real life. It’s adorable the way the other cookies react to Cookiesaurus’ antics, including ornaments marveling at him in shock.

As you gather together this Christmas season to bake cookies for your loved ones and Santa, Cookiesaurus Christmas is a perfect way to spend extra time together before or after decorating your stars, bells, gingerbread men, and dinosaurs. Yes, don’t forget the dinosaurs this holiday season.


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