If you are just joining the adventure, we are exploring the wonders of South Africa with Adventures by Disney and we invite you to catch up on all you have missed here.

Day 5 should actually be called the day of transportation adventures. We start with a coach ride to the local small seaport type shopping area where we boarded a ferry to take us across the Knysna Lagoon to the beautiful Featherbed Nature Reserve.

Featherbed Eco-Experience at the Featherbed Nature Reserve

In June of 2017, a devastating fire swept across Knysna, destroying most of the reserve. But just over a year later, we were lucky enough to be the first Adventures by Disney group to visit the newly reopened Featherbed Nature Reserve. This breathtaking experience starts with a 4X4 ride up the mountain and concludes with a beautiful 2.2km walk through coastal forest and fynbos into ancient sea caves.

Once the hike down was complete, we had a very tasty lunch overlooking the lagoon before returning to our hotel for a short break and a perfect chance to look around the Pezula Hotel. I have to say that the Pezula Hotel, with its beautiful grounds and huge rooms, really does put the exclamation mark on the fact that Adventures by Disney only books the best!

An Encounter at The Knysna Elephant Park

Founded in 1994, the Knysna Elephant Park is home to gentle giants from all over South Africa. Growing up in Southern California, I visited the L.A. Zoo more time than I could count but always heard about the cool elephant encounters at the San Diego Zoo. However, after today, nothing will ever compare to seeing and feeding South African elephants in their home. The elephant park is a wide open area with not only elephants but zebras freely roaming the grounds.

Once to the encounter location, after being in awe of the beauty in front of us, our guide Kira and Geoffrey (who has been with the Elephant Park since it opened) demonstrated how to properly feed and not lose all your bucket of fruit in the first few minutes to these amazing creatures.

After all the safety bits were out of the way, we were set up for the big reveal with us first standing with our backs the the elephants as our guides took photos with them behind us before we got a chance to see them. Once all our new friends were in place we turned around to see just hope beautiful they were and for the chance to hand feed them.

That wraps up day 5 and at the midway point. I have nothing but praise for this experience, with perfect time for everything we do to some of the most spectacular food ready for any picky eater Adventures by Disney is standing out for its perfection. Also our guides Kira and Craig are two of the most entertaining and understanding Cast Members I have ever had the chance of interacting with. Now off to dream of elephants before another early morning flight to our home for the remainder of the trip the Kapama Private Game Reserve.


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