With Captain Marvel about to hit theaters in a big way this March, it only makes sense that Carol Danvers be the subject of a new comic series. The female duo of Kelly Thompson and Carmen Carnero have created this new series, simply titled Captain Marvel, with the first issue being published today.

In this new series, Carol Danvers is back in action after taking a sabbatical as a result of her mother being killed by a Kree assassin. She has spent some time in space protecting Earth from massive threats, but now she’s returning home, to New York City, to resume her superhero duties as the powerful Captain Marvel.

As a first issue, Captain Marvel #1 has everything you need. It jumps right into the action, pitting Captain Marvel against a Kraken-like creature in the middle of the city. It gives the reader plenty of back story, not only explaining what Carol went through before taking her leave from fighting… Kraken-like creatures, but also bringing back past relationships and fleshing them out so that the reader can understand without having to go back and read 100 previous comics. It features other heroes – like Iron Man, Captain America and Spider-Woman – for those who are maybe just dipping their toes in the Captain Marvel waters. And finally, it creates an intriguing new story that Captain Marvel fans will want to continue reading.

In fact, Captain Marvel #1 sets up a few interesting storylines. Carol is reunited with her best friend Jessica Drew, a.k.a. Spider-Woman, right from the beginning as the pair work together on the Kraken creature. Thompson makes it a point to let the reader know just how happy the two characters are to be working together again. There’s a level of intrigue around the future of their relationship as the story progresses.

Cap also meets with Hazmat, a super-powered hero in training who Tony Stark seems be struggling with. The pair bonds a bit over their distaste for Tony but also clash over the thought of Carol helping the young hero as well as the age gap between the two.

Then there’s the reuniting of Carol with her former lover James Rhodes. The dialogue between the two creates a sense of a sort of lack-of-chemistry-chemistry, if that makes sense. They’re so awkward together that it feels real. Their conversations felt as though it would play out very well on screen.

Then, of course, there’s the villain. If I was to have one nitpicky issue with this comic, it’s the choice of villain. Nuclear Man attacks Carol and appears to be set up as the first big bad she will face in this series. You read that right, Nuclear Man. He proves to be a formidable foe for Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, who show up to help Carol, and actually serves as a good showing for just how strong Captain Marvel is in comparison to those heroes.

Still, I would personally prefer is Captain Marvel was faced with a villain with a bit more clout than Nuclear Man. That being said, I’m very interested to see where this story goes and whether or not he really is the big bad of this story arc.

Of course, no comic would be complete without a tease for the next issue. This one does not disappoint and has me very excited for Captain Marvel #2.

Overall, I think Captain Marvel #1 is a very strong start to Thompson and Carnero’s new series and a great way to kickoff what is sure to be a very big year for this beloved character.


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