First Look: Hard Hat Look at Tigris Coming to Busch Gardens Tampa

Busch Gardens Tampa recently invited us out to their beautiful park to take a behind-the-scenes construction tour of Tigris – Florida’s tallest launch coaster.

Tigris, projected to open Spring 2019, reaches 150 feet in the sky and adds a unique coaster to the ever-growing steel beasts of Busch Gardens. It also offers high thrills in a small space. Taking over the former spot of the parks Tidal Wave attraction, Tigris has a very small footprint and will last about a minute sending rides up to 60 mph both backwards and forwards through non-inverting loops and “a dramatic heart line roll” at the very top of the coaster.

Tigris, as with all of Busch Gardens, is focused on the environment and as was pointed out by park president Stewart Clark. “They recycled all the wood and steel from Tidal Wave and even the dirt used to fill in the former water ride location is all recycled from other parts of the park,” Clark said.

The gift shop at the exit of the attraction will also be donating a portion of each sale to tiger preservation in the wild, adding to the incentive to buy something to celebrate conquering this amazing coaster.

Busch Gardens promised more info on this coaster and a look at what is coming for 2020 on March 1st as they kick off their 60th anniversary and we will bring you every update. For more information or how to plan your visit head to