Spider-Man is at the center of some of the greatest stories in the history of Marvel Comics. “The Night Gwen Stacy Died,” “The Introduction of Venom” and “The Clone Saga” are just a few of those stories. Now, the newest issue of The Amazing Spider-Man pays homage to another classic.

“Kraven’s Last Hunt” is a classic Marvel storyline, and one of the most beloved Spider-Man stories of all-time. The Amazing Spider-Man #17 gives a nod to that classic story while still giving us a brand new Spidey arc simply titled “Hunted.”

Allow me a moment to express just how excited I am about this comic. “Kraven’s Last Hunt” is one of my favorite Marvel stories ever and it was one of the stories that made me a huge fan of Spider-Man and Marvel in general. To see a nod to that story and a new story kind of playing off of it, was very exciting and a lot of fun to read.

Writer Nick Spencer and Artist Humberto Ramos grab the fans of “Kraven’s Last Hunt” right from the beginning, with the first few pages being almost exact remakes of the original story with beautiful updated art.

The story of The Amazing Spider-Man #17 is similar to the classic story, but provides a unique twist. Kraven has returned from the dead and cannot rest unless he is killed by Spider-Man himself. A younger clone of Kraven hunts down Spider-Man, after the original uses Black Cat and Billy Connors as bait. Kraven’s elaborate plan is a mystery, but it somehow involves using mercenaries Taskmaster and Black Ant to capture some of Spidey’s most dangerous enemies and trapping them all in a dome together.

The new story, just like the original, is captivating and nearly impossible to look away from. Spencer has put together a Spider-Man story that long-time fans and new readers alike can enjoy. Of course, new reader won’t understand the homage to “Kraven’s Last Hunt,” but the story can also stand on its own merits and be entertaining enough. Plus, what better way to jump into Spider-Man comics than with Spidey trapped with some of his most memorable villains, with one of the classic enemies pulling the strings?

The art in this new issue is another big win. Not only does Ramos perfectly replicate the classic visuals of “Kraven’s Last Hunt,” but he updates it, bringing the classic story into modern times. On a personal level, this is the exact style of art I like to see in my comics, so for me this was a homerun.

If you’re a fan of Spider-Man and his classic stories, you’re going to want to read The Amazing Spider-Man #17 as well as the following issues, as this story arc is far from over. Kraven still has plenty of hunting to do.