Mickey’s 90th Birthday Celebration Cake Honors the Big Cheese at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel

Happy birthday, Mickey! Even though your 90th anniversary was technically back in November of 2018, we’re still partying in your honor here at Disneyland Resort with Get Your Ears On – A Mickey and Minnie Celebration. And nowhere is that more evident right now than in the main lobby of DIsney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.

Disneyland Resort culinary experts have put together an amazing, entirely edible cake for Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s 90th, carefully crafted from pounds upon pounds of tasty ingredients, and of course cleverly including a full set of 90 Hidden Mickeys for obvious reasons.

Watch Mickey’s 90th Birthday Celebration Cake at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel:

Mickey’s 90th Birthday Celebration Cake is made from 250 pounds of rice cereal, 120 pounds of marshmallow, 40 pounds of butter, 240 pounds of fondant, 80 pounds of white chocolate, and we can’t forget (tongue firmly in cheek) one pound of Pixie Dust. According to a sign posted next to the cake, “Many of the ingredients featured are available for purchase at White Water Snacks” just around the corner near the Grand Californian’s pool.

Get Your Ears On – A Mickey and Minnie Celebration is running from now through a yet-to-be-announced end date at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. For more information and advance ticketing resources, be sure to visit the resort’s official website.