Earlier this year at Toy Fair, Hasbro announced their 12-inch doll collection from Ralph Breaks the Internet. The big box set aimed at collectors contains 14 dolls and retails for $199.99. Fans who pre-ordered through Hasbro Pulse have begun receiving their orders and that includes us!

While the dolls are available in 2-packs for $29.99 for fans who just want a few of them, those looking to get the full set not only save a little money with this release, but also have a more attractive way to display them if the intention is to keep them in the box. As you can see from the photos, the characters are arranged in a panoramic box that has them all relaxing and hanging out together.

Each doll comes with an accessory that includes coffee mugs, smoothies, milk shakes, frappuccinos, and a poison apple. Their outfits are highly detailed with some glitter accents and layered clothing. They’re all done amazingly well, with one exception: Mulan’s jacked doesn’t feature the cool Mushuu embroidery on the back, which was a real highlight of her look in the film.

For more details and to see each doll up close, check out our unboxing video.

You can get your own Ralph Breaks the Internet box set directly from HasbroPulse.


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