The Disneyland Resort Line recently celebrated 50 years and to celebrate, Disney sent us a copy to commemorated the anniversary. For those of you that don’t know, the Disneyland Resort Line is a cast-exclusive magazine that shares information with the cast of the Disneyland Resort. It also happens to be the longest-running publication in the history of The Walt Disney Company.

“The Line” shares information about what is happening at the Disneyland Resort with the 30,000 cast members. For example, the issue we received featured information about a cast-exclusive cel, information about “environmentality,” cast profiles, service anniversaries, news about the upcoming Spider-Man attraction, and announcing the acquisition of 21st Century Fox.

The most interesting article was a story about the history of the Disneyland Resort Line. Through interviews with various leaders the story of how Van France’s dream of a publication grew from a two-page black-and-white mimeographed newsletter in 1969 into a 20-page, glossy full-color magazine. The story shows that the publication is more than just a regurgitation of press releases, it takes care to share cast stories through their perspective.

While the Disneyland Resort has many ways to communicate to its cast, including The Hub, live-streams, and bulletin boards, the Disneyland Resort Line is a physical way that cast can learn about their fellow cast members and the company as a whole. Another feature in the issue meets with collectors of the Line as they discuss their personal relationship with the magazine and what it means to them.

At Laughing Place, we would like to congratulate the entire Disneyland Resort Line team for this milestone including Wendy Schoeman, Nicole Nalty, Evan Palomeque, Kim Klingaman, Suzi Brown, Joe Perez, Bev Kavanaugh, Rob Sparacio, Lisa Greathouse, and Christian Thompson. From one publication to another, thank you for all that you do for the cast of the Disneyland Resort.



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