Whether they know it or not, hardcore Disney Parks fans have a secret desire to visit all six Disney Resorts around the literal world. Each resort has its own cultural offerings that make it unique while retaining the Disney magic we’ve all come to know and love. Last week, our own Jeremiah had the chance to join the exclusive yet unofficial “Six Castle Club” when he visited Disneyland Paris marking the final resort on his world wide checklist.

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We know it’s not easy for everyone to travel internationally, so we’re inviting you to enjoy a day at Parc Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios Park via Jeremiah’s videos. Below are just some of the attractions and shows you can catch on a daily basis at Disneyland Paris.  

Parc Disneyland

Let’s start our day with a few rides at Paris’ castle park.

Walt Disney Studios Park

Now we’ll head across the resort for some heroic encounters and a few movie magic attractions.

Time to enjoy classic Disney stories.

Avengers Assemble! Things take a turn when Tony Stark’s arc reactor goes missing and Red Skull shows up. Looks like our heroes have quite the challenge to overcome, but fortunately Captain Marvel is here as part of this year’s Season of Super Heroes.

Parc Disneyland

Our day is winding down but there’s still time to catch a parade!

And now the big finale!

Thank you for joining us for a day at Disneyland Paris! If you’re heading to France we recommend checking out this fantastic resort (especially Parc Disneyland). À bientôt!

All videos filmed by Jeremiah Good.  For more Disneyland Paris videos check out our YouTube playlist.

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