Hasbro sent us the mightiest box of toys I’ve ever seen in my life. Inside was a variety of exciting toys from Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame aimed at kids and adult collectors. Get ready to take on Thanos anytime with earth’s mightiest heroes and villains from the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Opening the box revealed three layers of toys that include that latest wave of Marvel Legends figures, Titan Heroes, action figures, motion figures, and Nerf weapons.

Marvel Legends – Avengers: Endgame Wave

The box included six of the seven figures in the Build-A-Figure wave of Avengers characters that allows fans to build the MCU version of Thanos. Captain America is the only figure in the wave that doesn’t include a piece of the Thanos figure and is the only character from the films currently available in the Endgame suits. Two other characters from the films are included in this wave, Ronin and Ebony Maw. We also received comics characters including Hercules, Nighthawk, and Citizen V. The missing piece of the collection was Living Laser and thankfully, we had already received our pre-order from Hasbro Pulse.

The Build-A-Figure Thanos is pretty incredible, with screen accurate details, metallic paint finishes, and correct height proportions to other MCU figures. With each figure priced at $19.99, it will set you back about $120 to complete him, which can be a tough pill to swallow if you’re not a big fan of the more obscure comic characters in this wave. However, I think these other figures are really cool, particularly Nighthawk with his stylized cape and claws. I’m excited to use my Marvel Unlimited subscription to learn more about these characters.

Titan Heroes

Titan Heroes are 12-inch action figures made of hard plastic for ages 4 and up. They are articulated at the neck, shoulders, and hips. The box included six standard figures (three of them oversized) and three “Power FX” figures. The characters we received were Iron Man, Black Widow, War Machine, Hulk, Thanos, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Ant-Man.

While only Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and Ant-Man came with effects pieces that snap into their arm or back and make sounds and shoot darts, all of the figures have the same socket on their right arm and back to connect these types of pieces. It’s a little confusing since the weapons are so well themed to the characters. These figures range in price from $9.99 to $24.99 depending on size and accessories included. They’re nice, but they could certainly be improved by adding more points of articulation and removing the connection points on the non “Power FX” figures.

Action Blast Figures

Shield Blast Captain America and Repulsor Blast Iron Man are about the same size as the Titan Heroes figures, but a lot cooler. They each have a button on their chest that plays quotes (Iron Man’s button is his arc reactor, Cap’s is his Avengers “A”). Pulling back one arm reveals a pull and release action with sound effect. For Captain America, his plastic shield goes flying away, soaring through the air. It has a soft rubber edge so it won’t hurt if it hits someone. Iron Man comes with three darts that fit into his hand and shoot out when his arm extends. They come in yellow, white, and blue. Each figure is $29.99.

6-Inch Action Figures

Two packes of playline action figures in 6-inch form were included in the box, each including two figures. Captain America teams up with Captain Marvel, while Thor and Rocket Raccoon make an unlikely pairing. There are additional characters available in this line, including Iron Man and War Machine.

The Captain Marvel figure included in this pack is in the middle of activating her photon energy power. Another Captain Marvel figure is available separately without the yellow eyes and hands. The level of detail isn’t as precise as it is on the Marvel Legends line, but this collection offers more characters in their Endgame gear for fans of this look.

Nerf Weapons

Four Nerf weapons themed to Captain America, Hulk, and Iron Spider were at the bottom of the box. Each of these allows kids to rearrange the pieces and customize their looks. My favorite is the Captain America blaster that includes a shield that can be rearranged to become a shooter. The Hulk blaster is pretty cool as well and a refreshing change from the typical smash gloves.

Final Thoughts

Hasbro always does a great job with their Marvel licensed products and this assortment of Avengers: Endgame products was no exception. This wave of Marvel Legends figures includes the coolest Build-A-Figure to date, MCU Thanos, and is a must have for collectors. Kids can expand their Marvel playtime with new Titan Heroes, action figures, and Nerf products, but the Action Blase figures are my favorite playline pieces in this collection.