Art takes shape in many ways and everyone’s idea of what art is differs. Disney Hyperion's newest Children’s Book, Linus the Little Yellow Pencil, is a story about two artists who don’t see eye-to-eye. Through this anthropomorphic pencil and his antagonist eraser, kids will experience a fun story about compromise.

All of the art supplies are having an art show and the winner gets a prize. It’s Linus’ first time in the show and he’s really excited to create lots of drawings, but his eraser Ernie keeps looking at the other instruments pieces and thinks Linus is doing it all wrong. As quickly as Linus draws, Ernie tries to erase. They will have to discover a way that they can both create and collaborate if they really want to win the big prize.

Author/Illustrator Scott Magoon makes every page turn a surprise with lots of fun doodles and creations on every page. He juxtaposes sketch drawings against a realistic looking pencil and world around him. Its a lot of fun, especially for kids who like to draw or color (and what kid doesn't?).

Linus and Ernie can be used by parents and teachers to start a discussion with kids about compromise and flexibility. When Linus and Ernie don’t listen to each other, their problems just get worse. But when they take a moment to appreciate and understand each other a little better, they discover that they can work together to create a masterpiece.

Linus the Little Yellow Pencil is a fun story full of artistic expression and creativity. Through this fun story about a pencil and eraser trying to win an art contest, kids will learn how to be flexible and understanding of their friend’s or sibling’s differences. Best of all, it will inspire them to turn off the screens and pull out their art materials to have their own art contest.