Disney-Pixar is doing it again. They are hitting the road with a menagerie from Toy Story 4, crisscrossing the country bringing some of the magic of the movie to a city near you. This time they have packed a recreational vehicle with games of chance, a spin-wheel, and a selfie-booth so fans of the toys can get an exclusive photo with one of the new stars of the film.

Friends of Woody, Buzz, and Bo Peep should be on the lookout for a specially themed RV rolling across the country with numerous stops along the way. The Toy Story 4 Summer Road Trip is on a coast-to-coast jaunt to coincide with the June 21st premiere of the latest installment of the movie franchise. Launching its tour at UCLA in Los Angeles in late May, the RV has already rolled into Dallas, Houston and San Antonio and has scheduled stops in Miami, Atlanta, Philadelphia,  Boston, Chicago, Denver along with visits to Montreal and Toronto, Canada. The tour ends later this month in San Francisco.

Toy Story enthusiasts are invited to turn out to welcome the fully-wrapped RV which is complete with photo ops, film-themed prizes, carnival games and lots of family-friendly fun. Two Toy Story ambassadors will be on hand to share details about everyone's favorite sheriff, astronaut and dinosaur as well as new friends that are coming to the screen in the latest adventure. Fans can also learn about and meet new friends like Forky, Bunny, Ducky and Duke Caboom at this free event.

Sharing the duties as Disney-Pixar Toy Story 4 Tour Managers are Amanda Acevedo and Brian Gurrola. Both from the West Coast, they admit they are having fun on the journey taking the excitement of the new movie to cities and fans waiting for the opening. Acevedo says she is grateful for the opportunity to participate in the venture adding that so far “the response has been incredible, everyone has been excited and happy and feel really immersed in Toy Story 4.”  

Gurrola adds “we get to experience how Bonnie and her family got to experience the road, bringing toys with them as well.” He and Acevedo say they get excited when fans see the RV and can't wait to try their hand at the prize wheel, the games of chance and the much coveted selfie-photo booth.

Toy Story devotees can try their hand at the “To Infinity And Beyond Ring Toss,” as well as the Woody themed “There's A Snake In My Boot” bean-bag game for the chance to win prizes.  And everyone walks away a winner as they can step up to the photo booth and take an exclusive selfie with Forky with the digital picture sent directly to their email.

This is not the first road-trip for Disney-Pixar. In 2017, a Mack Truck loaded with fun, surprises and stars of Cars 3 traveled the country. Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez and Jackson Storm piled into the traveling road show parking at area malls and shopping centers.  They also sponsored a meet and greet with some of the Cars stars in 2006.

Acevedo shares a bit of the plot of the new movie as Toy Story 4 ambassador. “Bonnie and her family go on a road trip in an RV and she takes her new friend Forky with her.” But the spokesperson adds “Forky doesn't think he is a toy, he believes he is trash, so Woody volunteers to keep him safe.” And that is where the fun and adventure begin.

Go RVing is providing the motor coach for this road trip. They are teaming up with Disney-Pixar with an integrated marketing campaign to inspire RV travel that takes family and friends on unforgettable adventures, just like Bonnie's family and her Toy Story 4 playmates.

I don't know about you but, as a youngster, I always wanted to climb into a Winnebago and travel the country in search of the next great adventure. Perhaps now as an adult I may get to revisit that lifelong fantasy thanks in part to Disney-Pixar's Toy Story 4.