She’s back! Katie Otto’s quest to be as un-Westport as a person could be continues on ABC’s American Housewife, now on Fridays at 8:00 pm. It’s one of the few shows I watch regularly and last season’s musical finale only increased my love for it. In case you haven’t yet fallen in love with it, here’s the gist of the series and why it’s so great.

The Otto family lives in Westport, a Stepford community where the men are exceptional earners and the wives are pampered princesses with hired help for every imaginable chore. Greg (Diedrich Bader, The Drew Carrey Show) is a history professor trying hard to support his family on a single-income in an expensive zip code. But this isn’t called American Dad, it’s called American Housewife.

Katie Otto (Katy Mixon, Big Hero 6: The Series) may be a stay-at-home mom, but that’s the only commonality between her and the other Westford wives. She’s loud, she’s no-nonsense, and she has way too much common sense for her prissy community. But if there’s one thing more terrifying to her than letting Westford mold and shape her into one of their own, it’s having it done to her kids.

Taylor (Meg Donnely, Zombies) is her eldest, a bit of an airhead who dyed her hair blonde to fit in. Her middle child is Oliver, who developed an early interest in making as much money as possible by whatever means necessary. With two kids already assimilating into Westport culture, her youngest, Anna-Kat (Julia Butters, daughter of Disney Animation’s Darrin Butters), may be her only hope. She’s too quirky to fit in like her older kids.

The cast is likable and fun, keeping you coming back each week to see what life throws their way. From Katie’s snarky quips and Greg’s weird history obsessions to Taylor’s out-of-touch responses, Oliver’s devious schemes, and Anna-Kat’s oddities of the day, you’ll be constantly surprised and delighted by ABC’s American Housewife. And season four promises lots of fun for viewers, including an episode that reunites Diedrich Bader with his The Drew Carrey Show castmates!

American Housewife Season Four premieres Friday, September 27th, at 8:00 pm on ABC.