With less than a week left until Halloween, there isn’t much time left before monsters and ghosts turn into holiday cheer. Luckily, Hulu has a brand new horror-comedy series for you to enjoy before your time is up, and it’s loaded with zombies.

Zomboat! Is your typical zombie apocalypse story. You know, two sisters in England find out zombies are killing everyone so they decide to steal and ex-boyfriends boat and sail it to London while hilariously trying to acclimate themselves to the idea of killing what used to be normal people. Ok, maybe Zomboat! Isn’t exactly typical.

This dry, British comedy series turns what has become a wildly popular horror genre into a hilarious mess in the best way possible. The sisters, Jo and Kat, are very funny right from the beginning but the humor really picks up when they have to kill their first zombie.

The series both obviously and subtly pokes fun at other zombie movies and series. The girls’ reactions to stabbing a zombie are hysterical but also point out an issue with serious zombie content. Why are these ordinary people suddenly completely comfortable stabbing other people? I know it would take me some time to adjust and my reactions would probably be just as ridiculous as Jo’s and Kat’s.

Kat also namedrops just about every zombie-based series and movie you can think of. Night of the Living Dead, The Walking Dead, World War Z and 28 Days Later all get mentioned within the first two episodes. Legendary horror filmmaker George A. Romero is also mentioned. Ironically, Shaun of the Dead, which is impossible not to draw comparisons to while watching this series, is not brought up.

The concept of Zomboat! Is both hilarious and brilliant. Zombies can’t swim, right? (A well-known fact, obviously). So, why not get on a boat, on the water, where the zombies can’t get to you? Brilliant. Also, the slow-moving boat is on a narrow canal with a clear path for the slightly-slower-moving zombies to follow the entire way. Hilarious.

The true brilliance of the series really lies in the characters though. Jo and Kat are joined by bickering friends Sunny and Amar. Together, they may not be the team you want on your side when you’re taking on the zombie apocalypse, but they certainly do make it fun.

Fair warning, this series contains some strong language and of course, some zombie gore. It’s probably not the bloodiest thing you’ll see this Halloween season, but I wouldn’t exactly plan to eat a meal while watching either.

So if you’re looking for some not-so-scary content to watch before the spooky season is up, or maybe you need some lighthearted horror to put on during your Halloween party, Zomboat! Is the way to go. The zombies will keep the Halloween spirit alive (pun intended) while the hilarious characters will keep you laughing along the way.

The first three episodes of Zomboat! Are streaming now on Hulu.