Superhero stories have become a sort of genre of their own in recent years, but Marvel Comics can really take on any genre they want. Marvel Comics have given us action, adventure, love stories, comedy, you name it. This latest comic, carries some elements of horror but is really more of a sci-fi thriller.

“Marvel Zombies Resurrection #1” takes many of our favorite heroes to space (nothing we haven’t seen before there) to investigate an urgent mystery. What they find is a familiar horror that has apparently returned worse than it has ever been before.

Just in time for Halloween, the popular Marvel Zombies return with a fresh new take on the story. Our heroes find the mighty Galactus has died on his way to Earth. They embark on a mission to investigate what could have possibly happened to the world-eater and to do so, they assemble a truly awesome team of heroes.

Of course, whenever Galactus is involved you can assume the Fantastic 4 is as well. They are joined by four members of the Avengers – Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and War Machine – as well as four members of the X-Men – Wolverine, Beast, Magneto and Magik. Quite a formidable team of heroes.

Upon finding Galactus’ corpse, the group learns that there is something inside and decides to actually enter the enormous body. Reed and Tony of course have their own motives for investigating, as they usually do, but the overall mission is to destroy the body so no one else can use the biology or technology of the eater of worlds for possibly evil purposes. As you can guess, things do not go according to plan.

The heroes encounter zombified versions of some of your other favorite heroes. I wont name any names, and instead let you find out for yourself which heroes have already fallen victim to the zombie infection. I will say though, there is more than enough to challenge this group of heroes though.

This comic felt like a classic Alien movie to me. The team investigates a vessel only to be overrun mysterious monsters. It has that same eerie vibe of your favorite classic sci-fi-based horrors. Meanwhile, it focuses on a completely different horror subgenre by including zombies. It really has something for everyone (everyone who likes horror at least).

This is one of my favorite new comics in recent memory. I found myself not being able to wait to see what was going to happen on the next page. Every panel is filled with so much suspense, but it still takes the time to flesh out some of the characters and allow their personalities to come across.

This new series won’t likely have much bearing on the overall story of the Marvel Comics universe, what with it likely killing off more than half of every character you’ve ever heard of. So when it ends, it probably will not offer much of a payoff, but I’m willing to be it will be a lot of fun along the way.

“Marvel Zombies Resurrection” is available now.



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