Last year I had the chance to compare the iPhone 7 Plus to the iPhone XS Max in some side by side shots that really showed the jump in quality. Well, this year, we are back to see how the newest Apple technology helps in Making Memories. I have taken Walt Disney World vacations in the past with a video camera, a film camera (before they were DSLR), and a digital camera. However, I have to say that the latest generation of the iPhone — the iPhone 11 (specifically the Pro Max) — has really taken the next step in being the only thing you need on your vacation. I am sure there will be those that will insist that the iPhone can never come close to pictures from a DSLR and I would never argue that, but for the average guest going to the parks almost everything that is needed to capture your day is now available to fit in your pocket.

Sadly, unless you are looking at this on your iPhone 11 Pro Max with its Super Retina XDR Display (really just amazing details), these pictures may not jump as much as they could, but I think you will get the idea. Of course, the iPhone may not be your choice and, yes, I know that many of the other smartphones have amazing cameras and such. Still, as an Apple fanboy, this is my look at how this new iPhone makes the parks look amazing.

The biggest change to the new iPhone 11 Pro Max hardware is the addition of a third lens, which adds a new option to the photos you can take. Plus. for the software, there is a lot going on and with the latest update (iOS 13.2) the Deep Fusion is brought to life with more detailed photos. Perhaps the biggest selling point has been the Night Mode which really is the “DSLR killer” feature.

Below are three photos taken from the exact same spot with the different lens options.

Standard View Camera

Telephoto camera

Ultra Wide

As I said above, the real highlight is the Night Mode, which really does make a huge difference in the photos taken when the parks really come alive. For years third-party apps have been promising the “Best night photos on your iPhone” but Apple really stepped up and took advantage of the new lenses and software giving you the ability to take night photos with no editing needed as the phone does it all right there as you take the picture.

Night Mode

The most recent addition to the iPhone camera is actually something that users have no control over: Deep Fusion. Deep Fusion is a new image processing system for medium-light images, Apple senior VP Phil Schiller called “computational photography mad science” when he introduced it at the launch event a few months ago. Adding more detail and depth to the photos, this new processing system really makes the mid-light photos stand out.

Now that we have the type of photos spelled out, here are just some amazing examples of why the iPhone 11 Pro Max is worth the upgrade.


Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Magic Kingdom

Now, the video on the new iPhone hasn’t really changed a lot — I’m still hoping for low light enhancements to come — but the addition of the Ultra-Wide lens helps get those great castle pyro shots as seen here in “A Frozen Holiday Wish” shot as Christmas Time kicks off at the Magic Kingdom.

This is in no way a paid advertisement  for the iPhone and purely my opinion: if you want to start taking amazing pictures just head to and pick what is best for you!