Hello and welcome to Laughing Place’s weekly recap of the Disney XD animated series Star Wars Resistance from Lucasfilm Animation. In this week’s episode, entitled “Station to Station,” Kazuda Xiono (voiced by Christopher Sean), Neeku (Josh Brener), and droid CB-23 travel to a First Order refueling station called the Titan to steal a component desperately needed by the Colossus called the trans-binary deflector, which deflects deadly cosmic radiation.

Aboard the First Order Star Destroyer, Kaz’s former friend Tamara Ryvora (Suzie McGrath) and fellow TIE Fighter pilot Jace Rucklin (Elijah Wood) are bored with their engine inspection duties until Lieutenant Galek (Christine Dunford) sends them on a supply run to the Titan, which Tam is surprised to find is the same model of station as the Colossus. After they arrive, she spots Kaz disguised as a First Order technician– in orange vests which serve as an obvious nod to the viral Saturday Night Live “Undercover Boss” Kylo Ren sketch starring Adam Driver from several years back.

While Kaz and Neeku are working to find their needed ship part, Kaz is pulled aside to act as a guide for the visiting General Hux (Ben Prendergast), who needs help finding the Titan’s command deck. In the lift, they are interrupted by Commander Pyre (Liam McIntyre) and Kaz must hide his face for fear of being recognized. Hux tells Pyre he wants every Resistance cell quashed, and Pyre says they will make every effort to capture the Colossus and convert it into another First Order refueling station.

When Neeku gets accosted by stormtroopers, Kaz helps him out by acting as his superior and CB locates the deflector in the station’s hyperdrive chamber, but they must first go to the engine room to shut it off before they can remove it. Tam tells Rucklin she misses the Colossus, and he scoffs before she overhears the stormtroopers talking about Neeku and parts ways with her crewmate. Unfortunately Rucklin happens to come across our protagonists first and calls security, after Kaz tries to reason with him to no avail.

Rucklin locks down the hyperdrive chamber, and Kaz and Neeku grab the component while the alarm blares. Meanwhile, Tam is watching from afar on a security monitor and hesitantly decides to help her old friends escape. The doors open, and Kaz takes out two troopers with stun blasts before heading back toward the main hangar. In a briefing room, Hux is furious about the breach in security and takes Pyre with him to assess the situation. They come across the escaping Kaz and Neeku and a firefight ensues.

Fortunately CB manages to close a blast door between them, and the group reach the hangar, where they use a dangling crane to make their way over more stormtroopers. But they’re spotted and become targets for more blaster fire. The crane collapses onto a pile of crates, and our heroes escape at the last second, pursued by TIEs until they enter hyperspace and disappear. Hux berates Pyre and orders him to destroy the Colossus, and Agent Tierney (Sumalee Montano) appears via hologram to cryptically say she thinks Tam will help.

Next week: “The Missing Agent”