“Start of Something New” is the last rehearsed song before Thanksgiving break for the crew and let’s just say the direction is (don’t say it) very similar to (do not say it, Marshal) and reminds me of (MARSHAL! We talked about this! Don’t say it!)…Ivo Van Hove’s West Side Story. I’m sorry, I had to. People dancing with karaoke screens, while the disco ball is a sentient being and is shining into the eyes of Gabriella and Troy? Reminder that this scene is normally just them at a teen karaoke club in a ski resort, not a circuit party in an abandoned factory in Brooklyn. However, now that I type that, if that is the goal, I’m on board.

At the very end of the rehearsal, after finding out that Ashlyn partakes in every single extra-curricular ever, she reveals that she will have the house to herself after 6pm on Thanksgiving Day. It being high school and all, Carlos takes that as a cue to scream that aa party will be held at Ashlyn’s house. Party time! From here, we get a lot of storylines, so let’s try break it down character-by-character this week.

Ricky is having a lowkey meal with his father before the party that night. He does suggest his father rings up Miss Jenn, which led to me doing a full Mamrie Hart impression. With clear trepidation, he decides to ring up his mother to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving. The person who picks up is clearly his mom’s new boyfriend, Todd, who gives the ‘ole “I’ve heard so much about you! She’s in the shower, can I take a message?”

Hey, Todd. That ain’t it, dude. How dare you circumvent the official reveal of a new man to Ricky by his mother by picking up a phone that is clearly not yours?! Ricky was giving off Claire-on-Fleabag energy, and rightfully so. I decree that Todd is now the worst character in the HSM:TM-TS universe.

At the party, Ricky and Gina seem like they’re getting along like the bees knees, after she confides in him over the stress and constant change. As the daughter of a mother working for FEMA, they move around a lot. The relationship between them is growing into something genuine, whether it be friendship love or love love and I am really enjoying it.

Nini’s episode is spent being stressed about boys and jealousy and love and music. She’s basically the plot of any early-aughts teen drama. She knows that there is still feelings for Ricky deep inside her, but his connection with Gina worries her about their future. She lacks a confidence in her music writing abilities, so Ashlyn suggests she write a song for herself and not about boys. Ashlyn went all Bechdel Test on Nini and the power of Fun Home lives on.

Now EJ is having a crisis of…likes? Acclaim? Fans? Who knows, but Mr. Vain is spiraling in a bizarre way. He is feeling fulfilled by constantly announcing his lies and wrongdoings to anyone and everyone. He thinks a helpful thing for himself and Nini is to let her FaceTime with the girl he poisoned at theater camp.

Now, we hit the end of the party and everything goes bananas. Gina and Nini have just had a heart-to-heart and Nini makes sure that Gina has been invited to the sleepover that evening. Gina couldn’t be happier as she’s never had a group of friends like that because of the constant moving. I’m baby, wow.

Gina gets a call from her mom. They have 10 days before another move. Everyone is silenced and Gina leaves in a rush, understandably so. Ricky tries to go console her, while Nini tries to console him. He pulls a “look in the mirror” as his mom grabbing a boyfriend so fast is exactly what she did to him and I’m all…

LIGHTNING ROUND! Here we go! After the Nini/Gina/Ricky awkwardness of it all, we see Big Red and Ashlyn starting some flirting. Nini starts to write a new song (that is an unequivocal bop, folks) whilst switching out pictures of Ricky in her room. Then she applies to an arts school in Denver?!

Ricky gets home and stresses out and almost texts AND calls Nini, because that bond is thick, honey. He then decides to finally call his mom through the stress. Cute! Todd still sucks!

Gina is packing and crying and I feel awful and like I want to puke. NEXT!

EJ’s decision to come clean is apparently backfiring on his Instagram account and he’s losing followers? Is it bad that I’m laughing? It’s a little funny, not going to lie. Sorry ‘bout it, EJ.

Oh, and all while this was happening, Mr. Mazarra and Miss Jenn were at school trying to get work done and accidentally created an electrical fire while sleeping. Yup. East High ‘bout to become East BYE. *high fives mirror*

Extra Credit:

  • Miss Jenn’s best line of the week: “Okay, great work today, but could be better…she said in the spirit of holiday cheer!”
  • Carlos created a game called High School Musical THE CHOOSICAL and it is simultaneously brilliant, sad, and something I would’ve also created. The cast plays it at the party and I just want to burst in and be like “Y’all, hi, can we talk about other shows?” and power up a DVD copy of Sunday in the Park with George to change their lives. Maybe this is my in for a season 2 role?
  • Carlos calls Seb “honey” at one point and I am dead, I am deceased, I have no will to go on anymore as the cuteness of it has peaked.
  • EJ says Glee still holds up, and let this be proof that he is not only wrong, but coming for Todd’s title of being the worst.
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