Last year at Toy Fair, Playmates granted wishes with the release of the Genie Interactive Talking Figure featuring the voice of Robin Williams. This year, they brought some magic with them from the Enchanted Forest with the debut of the Frozen 2 Adventure Storytelling Figures. Each figure is animated and interactive with three ways to play. With head turns and eye blinks, the characters come to life in a brand-new way. Olaf’s mouth even moves!

Each figure comes to life the moment you turn on the power button and each comes with over fifty phrases and sounds. They have interactive touch points on the front of their bodies as well as their left cheek in addition to an accelerometer. The characters react when you tip them forward or backward.

The first mode of play is musical with each figure featuring a solo song when playing with them individually. Elsa belts “Into the Unknown,” Anna pours her heart out with “The Next Right Thing,” and Olaf tries to understand the supernatural with “When I’m Older.” To make each figure sing, simply raise their right arm.

Next is Adventure Play, a feature where the characters tell you what’s happening around them and ask you to help them decide what to do next. The options are chosen by raising their left arm or laying them down. Each character has four complete adventures that can be played through for repeat fun.

But the real magic of these figures comes when you collect more than one. Using infrared technology, they interact with one another. Face Elsa towards Anna and they recreate some of the magic from Frozen 2. Add Olaf and the trio can have even more fun. Best of all, after four continuous interactions, they sing-along together to “Some Things Never Change.”

Best of all, this is just wave 1! All three figures are out now and in the fall, you can add Kristoff and Sven to the collection, each figure featuring their own song (“Lost in the Woods” and “Reindeer are Better Than People” respectively). You’ll also be able to get Anna and Elsa in their Queen costumes and different songs, including “Show Yourself” for Elsa. Each figure retails for $24.99.

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ZAG Heroes: Miraculous

Playmates also unveiled their line of upcoming toys from the ZAG Heroes worldwide phenomenon Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, which airs on Disney Channel Worldwide and is now streaming on Disney Now in the United States. The Playmates line of toys launch this year in other countries, but won’t hit US retailers until 2021 with the premiere of the full-length feature film based on the series. One of the core parts of the line is a doll series, including the first one with Marinette out of her Ladybug suit. A two-pack with Ladybug and Cat Noir allows the two to magnetically unite in a fist bump. And a playset recreates their rooftop hangout.

Next up is a line of posable action figures featuring the show’s main characters.

Kids can collect some of their favorite animal friends from the series through a blind-box line where the characters feature glittery accents.

Playmates is also bringing Miraculous characters home for some cuddle time with a line of plushies.

And to finish the collection, there are two role-play dress up items coming when the Playmates Miraculous products hit stores.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the new and exciting products from Playmates. We were honored to demo the Frozen 2 Adventure Storytelling figures and are excited to see the launch of the Miraculous line of products when they hit store shelves next year. Be sure to stay tuned to for more exciting news from Toy Fair!