Toy Fair 2020: Ravensburger (Jungle Cruise, Hocus Pocus, Disney Villainous, Marvel Villainous)

Ravensburger has been bringing Disney fans the finest in board games and puzzles for several years. In case you didn’t know, this is the company that brings you Disney Villainous, the Disney Castle 3D puzzle, and that giant Disney puzzle that could fill a small room. Join us as we check out all of the new and exciting games, puzzles, toys from Ravensburger and all of their brands.

We begin with two upcoming board games. Jungle Cruise Adventure Game is coming this spring, just in time for the feature film. Inspired by the classic Disney Parks attraction, players set sail along the rivers of the world, rolling die and drawing joke-filled card with quotable lines from the attraction. Yes, there is a “Backside of water” card. The game is coming to all major retailers this June, but Guests at Disney Parks might want to pick it up in park where a special Disney Parks Edition will feature alternate packaging that looks like a wooden crate from the attraction.

“Sistaaas!” Magic has brought the Sanderson Sisters back from the dead for one night in Hocus Pocus: The Game. Gather ‘round the cauldron and work to collect all of the spell ingredients and get them in the pot before sunrise, “Otherwise it’s curtains!” Beat the clock to stay alive and avoid becoming dust.

The fourth installment of Disney Villainous debuts this March with Perfectly Wretched, which adds Cruella De Vil, Mother Gothel, and Pete to the collection. As before, each villain has a stylized pawn and Cruella’s casts a striking shadow with its two-tone white and black design. Mother Gothel’s looks like the magic flower and Pete includes his classic steamboat hat. The original artwork looks incredible and I can’t wait to play the newest installment.

No photos were allowed of the mock up at Toy Fair, but Marvel fans should be excited to play as their favorite Marvel villain in this spin-off of Disney Villainous called Marvel Villainous. Play as Thanos, Hela, and Ultron. The game includes more villains, who will be announced at a later date. The pawns are going to feature a metallic finish. Unlike Disney Villainous, where each villain has their own Fate Deck, Marvel Villainous contains one shared Fate Deck because the universe is interconnected.

The most eye-catching Disney puzzle this year was this room full of framed artwork in different styles. It’s 9,000 pieces and quite large, a perfect puzzle to seal and hang to showcase a variety of Disney character artwork.

The Disney Collectors Edition line of puzzles recently had a new release with Sleeping Beauty joining the established series. It beautifully recreates the moment when Aurora and Prince Phillip meet in the woods during “Once Upon a Dream.”

A new 3D castle puzzle is also available now, swapping Disney Princesses for Frozen with the castle from Arendelle.

Looking for a 3D puzzle that you can display on your desk? This London Double Deck Bus doubles as a pencil holder.

And for the holidays, families can have the fun of building a gingerbread house without all the sugar with this 3D puzzle.

The Gravitrax marble system gets a few new additions this fall, including vertical expansions and flippers that grab a marble and send it down to another track below. This is a really fun kinetic toy for creative kids.

From Wonder Forge, the classic I Can Do That! game for kids too young for board games gets a Marvel overlay with Marvel: I Can Do That! Activities in the game allow kids to interact with an inflatable Cosmic Cube and play with Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer, and Spider-Man’s web. Great for ages four and up.

Brio brings young kids some creative building opportunities and the new Brio Builder Motor Set includes a battery operated motor that they can use to create items like cars that move or a rotating Ferris wheel.

Kids who love trains will enjoy the Brio Sounds Smart Tech Action Tunnel. Using wooden tracks, kids can set up archways that tell the train to stop, reverse directions, or yield. The train has its own sounds and kids can record their own as well. With parent’s help, you could recreate the announcements from a Disney Parks train or monorail. A mobile app can connect to the train using Bluetooth for additional features, but any recordings are saved on the train itself and the app won’t distract from the real play. It can be used to enhance the toy or as a remote control.

Inspired by the popular Cat Crimes whodunit game, Dog Crimes is brand-new from ThinkFun. Draw a card to reveal a mystery, such as who chewed up the pillow, and follow the clues to arrange the six dogs around the room to narrow down a suspect. It’s adorable, it’s funny, and you’ll have a lot of fun playing it as a family or group of friends.

The popular Rush Hour puzzle game is now available in a preschool friendly edition with My First Rush Hour where sheets slide under the clear board. Kids match the color and shape on the vehicles to the card to create a path for the red car to get through traffic.

We had a great time previewing and trying out some of the great games, puzzles, and toys coming soon from Ravensburger, Brio, Wonder Forge, and ThinkFun. We’re particularly excited to play the Jungle Cruise Adventure Game when it launches this June. Which one are you most excited for?

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