Update 3/13/20 6:55 PM PT: Disney+ Just announced that Frozen 2 will hit the streaming service on Sunday, March 15th, which is almost three months ahead of the typical 3-month delay from home video release date to streaming.

With Disney Parks closing down around the world amid concerns of COVID-19, Disney+ subscribers will find it to be their safest avenue to explore the magical worlds of Disney. If you’re missing the parks, there’s a new episode of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings that takes us to the parks and on a Disney Cruise. Batuu may be out of reach, but a new experience in a galaxy far, far away is here with a new episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. And fans looking for a behind-the-scenes look at what’s cooking at WDI should check out this week’s Shop Class where a guest Imagineer might reveal what they’re currently working on. Our Library Highlights section includes a list of ways to experience the parks on Disney+. There’s also a brand-new film this week and Stargirl couldn’t come at a more perfect time, a film that inspires viewers to spread joy and happiness to everyone you know. Whatever you choose to stream, we hope you have a happy and healthy week on Disney+.

New Exclusives


Stargirl from Disney+ is a tender and offbeat coming-of-age story based on the critically-acclaimed, New York Times’ best-selling young adult novel about an unassuming high schooler who finds himself inexplicably drawn to the free-spirited new girl, whose unconventional ways change how they see themselves…and their world.”

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – “Unfinished Business”

“Anakin Skywalker and the Bad Batch attempt to gain a victory for the Republic.”

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings – “Made for Loving You”

“Ana was missing her sister at her wedding, but Disney magic makes dreams come true, and Grammy award winning artist Tori Kelly performs. Melanie & Nathan reunite after decades with a ceremony aboard the Disney Wonder in Alaska.”

Diary of a Future President – “State of the Union”

“Elena is shocked to discover that Sasha wants to switch roommates for the Tallahassee field trip. Desperate to run from her problems, she misses the bus on purpose, only to be driven by Gabi – who’s fleeing from her own issues with Sam. Bobby, still confused by his behavior at the dance, tells his girlfriend that he loves her.”

Marvel Hero Project – “Astonishing Austin”

“Austin knows what it’s like when food is scarce. It was one of those times when he decided to grab a handful of beans and plant a garden. He invited his community to pick what they wanted, and word spread. Nearby farmers and volunteers came to help him work the soil and now, this local hero has shown a whole city how to sow the seeds of hope and reap the literal fruits of their labor.”

Shop Class – “Ramps & Champs”

“Teams are challenged with turning iconic school items into skatepark obstacles.”

One Day at Disney Shorts – “Leah Buono”

“Leah Buono, Executive Director of Casting, takes us behind-the-scenes as she searches for the next Disney Channel star. Through casting calls, auditions and pure instinct, Leah is instrumental in the discovery of a new generation of young Disney Channel actors and actresses who will bring their talent, passion and drive to upcoming Disney Channel series and movies.”

Disney Family Sundays – “The Muppets Pom Poms”

“The Crownholm family joins Amber for this craft inspired by The Muppets.”

New on Disney+

Wicked Tuna (Seasons 3-8)

Five more seasons of the National Geographic fan favorite series are now available to stream on Disney+.

Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks (Seasons 2-6)

Five additional seasons of the Nat Geo spin-off, Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks, gives viewers more of the North Carolina version of the show.

Frozen 2 (March 15th)

A special gift for Disney+ subscribers, Frozen 2 will hit the streaming service ahead of schedule.

G-Force (March 15th)

The Jerry Bruckheimer family comedy starring a team of undercover guinea pigs makes its Disney+ debut this week.

Library Highlights

St. Patrick’s Day – Darby O’Gill and the Little People

Walt Disney’s groundbreaking leprechaun classic featured state-of-the-art special effects and features a young Sean Connery.

St. Patrick’s Day – The Luck of the Irish

When a teenage boy loses his family’s lucky coin, he discovers that he’s actually part leprechaun and has to race against time to beat the curse in this memorable DCOM.

15th Anniversary – Ice Princess

Michelle Trachtenberg, Hayden Penetierre, Kim Catrall, and Joan Cusack star in this heartwarming film about a mathlete who becomes a champion figure skater. Released March 18th, 2005.

15th Anniversary – The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Dylan and Cole Sprouse checked into the Tipton along with Ashley Tisdale and Brenda Song fifteen years ago on Disney Channel. All three seasons are now streaming, in addition to the DCOM and spin-off show. The premiere episode aired on March 18th, 2005.

Explore the Disney Parks

With the parks closed, the following programs are a great way to get your dose of a Disney vacation destination through Disney+.