Jessica Drew has been a very complex character throughout the history of Marvel Comics. She has been an Avenger, a spy, an investigator and even a member of Hydra. Now, in her own brand new series, she’s just trying to be good.

This new series sees Spider-Woman, separate from her new Strikeforce team, in her own solo adventure. Only, something isn’t quite right with Jessica Drew, aside from her lack of income and the crushing financial pressure she is under.

Writer Karla Pacheco’s “Spider-Woman #1” opens with a bit of a recap on the character, briefly explaining her past (though only barely scratching the surface) for readers who may not be familiar. It wastes no time before jumping right into the action, opening with a sequence of Drew smashing some nameless goons before flashing back to 10 minutes earlier.

This is where we learn that Drew has taken a private security job, protecting a spoiled rich girl during her 16th birthday party. Again, something doesn’t seem quite right with Spider-Woman. On top of the soul-crushing, mediocre job she’s working, she’s also complaining of a headache and some other symptoms, but that doesn’t stop her from leaping into action when the situation calls for it.

This first issue, at least in the early going, focuses on the character and her personal life as opposed to setting up a story arc moving forward. There’s no big bad or looming threat, just Jessica beating up some goons looking to kidnap a rich teenager.

That’s not a knock on the comic, but rather an observation regarding the type of series we might be seeing moving forward. Spider-Woman has always been a fascinating character with a complicated arc. She’s fought for both sides and has seen and done things that will haunt her forever. A dive into her personal life can be very interesting.

With that being said, we still get a very exciting first issue, even for those who aren’t necessarily looking for closer look at the mysterious Spider-Woman. There’s still plenty of action and lots of Drew being snarky to spoiled teenagers, which is always fun to see. She even gets to throw “Deadpool” off of a boat! Plus, for those with an appreciation for awesome superhero attire, Spider-Woman sports a pretty amazing new suit.

Of course, a bigger threat is eventually set up for the future. We’ll see just what part of Jessica Drew’s past wants to rear its head as this series progresses. Still, it’s clear this is going to be a largely character-driven series, and it would be hard to find a more compelling Marvel character thant Spider-Woman.

Overall, this is a fun first issue that is perfect for those who are not very familiar with the character. There’s plenty of action, humor and some stunning art from Pere Perez. And at the center of it all is just an extremely likeable hero in Jessica Drew.

Marvel’s “Spider-Woman #1” is available now.