Soundtrack Review: Mira, Royal Detective Vol. 1

Disney Junior’s newest series, Mira, Royal Detective, may have just premiered on Disney Junior, but Walt Disney Records has already released the first soundtrack of music from the series. Mira, Royal Detective, Vol. 1 features 20 songs from the animated series for kids and families to dance and sing-along to. Get ready to throw your own awesome dance party with these upbeat, happy tracks.

The album opens and closes with two different versions of the “Mira, Royal Detective Theme Song.” The first is the version you hear at the top of every episode, while the last is a “Mashup Version.” It’s more like a remix that splices in “We’re on the Case.” That song, which plays a role in every episode, appears as track two on the album.

There are three holiday tracks on the album. The first is called “Diwali” about preparing for the Hindu festival of lights. “Let the Colors Fly” is another holiday song, themed to Holi, India’s most colorful festival. “Rakhi” is about the talisman bracelets shared during Raksha Bandhan. Kids will learn about these holidays through the series and soundtrack.

There are other songs that can be used for educational purposes by parents as well. “Let the Clues do the Talking” is about being observant and using your listening skills. “So Many Books” can be used to teach kids about making a decision and also to encourage a love of reading. And “Something Special” teaches kids to be themselves and celebrate what makes them special.

Most of the songs are sung by Mira and/or her human friends, but Mikku and Chikku sing several songs on the album, including “We’re on the Trail,” “When We’re Detectives,” “The Tiffin Song,” “Be the Music,” and backup on “Who Could it Be?” Throughout the album, the influence of Indian music can be heard. Instruments unique to the region like sitars, sarods, sarangi, flutes, shehnais, and Tablas can be heard all over the danceable tracks. They’re all uplifting, creating a happy atmosphere for anyone in the room listening.

The first soundtrack from Mira, Royal Detective introduces kids to the sounds, holidays, and traditions of another culture. It’s the perfect album to put on for an at-home dance party or to lift someone’s spirits when they’re down. Kids will fall in love with Mira and will want to take her music with them wherever they go.

Alex Reif
Alex joined the Laughing Place team in 2014 and has been a lifelong Disney fan. His main beats for LP are Disney-branded movies, TV shows, books, music and toys. He recently became a member of the Television Critics Association (TCA).