Your Moment of Disney Bliss is a series bringing you a Disney attraction, show, parade or moment from around the world each day to keep you connected to the parks we all love.

Howdy Pardners! C’mon and gather around! It’s time to head to Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure for today’s Moment of Disney Bliss! So saddle up and have a rootin’ tootin’ good time!

Jessie’s Critter Carousel Facts and Fun

  • Opened in 2019
  • The figures on the carousel are all based on critters featured in the Woody’s Roundup show featured in Toy Story 2, as well as neighboring Toy Story Midway Mania.
  • Guests can choose to ride on a selection of turtles, snakes, buzzards, armadillos, bunnies, deers, raccoons, rams, skunks or one of two cozy logs inhabited by a family of owls.
  • There is an homage to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at neighboring Disneyland Park in the mural along the carousel, you might recognize one of Jessie’s critters that looks an awful lot like a goat holding some dynamite in its mouth!
  • Jessie’s Critter Carousel replaced King Triton’s Carousel of the Sea, which was a Disney California Adventure opening day attraction that featured sea animals in lieu of traditional horses, and paintings depicting different amusement piers and boardwalks that once dotted California’s coastline.

Join us tomorrow for the April 15th Moment of Disney Bliss.

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