Moment of Disney Bliss: Magic Happens at Disneyland

Your Moment of Disney Bliss is a series bringing you a Disney attraction, show, parade or moment from around the world each day to keep you connected to the parks we all love.

We really appreciate everyone that has come with us each day for a Moment of Disney Bliss. Today is going to be our last post in this series. But we will continue to bring you happy memories from the parks and all realms of Disney each and every day throughout

Let’s go to the park that started it all for their newest parade, Magic Happens. While beautiful during the day, it’s even more stunning at night!

Magic Happens Parade Facts and Fun

  • Had its first performance on February 27, 2020
  • Features characters from Coco, Frozen 2, Cinderella, The Sword in the Stone and many others
  • The theme song is by pop singer/songwriter Todrick Hall
  • While the parade mostly ran during the day, the video screens on the floats could best be seen at night

Thank you again for going along with us on this Moment of Disney Bliss journey.

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