Quiz: Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge (Disney Trivia Live!)

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On May 23rd, we did two contests live. The second was Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, written by LP Star Wars guru Mike Celestino. Play it here:

What is the theme of the Tree House walk through?

What are the names of the birds in the Tiki Room preshow?

(Finish the lyric) Most Little Birdies will fly away...

You see a plane crash on the Jungle Cruise

In the Jungle Cruise, you see...

What is the chant most Jungle Cruise skippers say at the back side of water?

Pirates of the Caribbean was never intended for the Magic Kingdom

The original plan was for an attraction called Western River Expedition

What is a scene you DO NOT see in the Magic Kingdom Pirates of the Caribbean?

When did the Magic Carpets of Aladdin open?

TWIST ENDING!!! When did the Peoplemover open in Disneyland

How did you do? Share and let your friends know.

“Inspired” by host Doobie’s rapping of Hamilton during the last show, Longtime Laughing Place contributor Kaz Liput wrote a Star Wars themed parody of the Hamilton song “MY SHOT”


I am not throwing away my shot

I am not throwing away my shot

Hey yo, I work for the Order

I guard, patrol the border

And I'm not throwing away my shot

I'ma get a new blaster down at Cargo

I prob'ly shouldn't brag, but dag, one time I hit a farmer

The problem is there’s not a lotta room in this armor

I gotta suffer just to take aim

‘Cause moving’s a pain, got lumbargo.

I'm a marksman in the rough, a trooper on patrol         

Tryin’ to reach my goal, one single miss, inadmissable

Check the Cantina ‘cause the drunks move slower

I bet I’d get ‘em all if I had a flamethrower

Every stigma, every inconsistence

I can outdistance, with no laser sight assistance

I clock the resistance

The plan is to turn this skill into some fame

‘Cause damn won’t it be chill when Kylo Ren knows my name

I am the Storm-y T-R-O-O-P, E-R we are meant to be

a colony that shoots more efficiently

While the resistance keeps dissin’ on us endlessly

Essentially, they mock us relentlessly

While Black Spire folks abound in a smuggling spree

They ain’t ever gonna let up this misery

So there needs to be a Trooper with some mastery

Enter me.

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