Marvel Comics are in the process of ramping up to one of their biggest crossover events in years. A new threat has come together that will require all of your favorite heroes to come together and will send shockwaves throughout the Marvel Universe. Two weeks ago we saw where the Avengers will be at the start of this event. Now, we know where the Fantastic Four will be.

“Empyre” will launch next month, with the Kree and Skrulls joining forces to create one of the most formidable armies the Marvel Universe has ever seen. The Fantastic Four are very familiar with both of the two alien races and their long-running conflict. Soon, they’re going to have to face off against both of them at once and we see how they’ll get there in “Empyre: Fantastic Four #0.”

With the Fantastic Four stranded during their latest outer space adventure, they find themselves needing the help of a stranger. They’re informed of a major contest at the casino cosmico and, after the Human Torch makes himself the Thing’s manager and enters him in the fight, they decide to head there for help.

The Profiteer, owner of the casino, is hosting fights between a kree and a skrull and, well, profiteering off of them. When the Fantastic Four learns of this, along with some other strange things going on, they decide to take a closer look.

With the alliance already formed between the Kree and the Skrulls, Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four are well aware that are in store for some changes. It won’t be long before they find themselves in one of the biggest fights the Marvel Universe has ever seen.

While this issue is nothing more than a prequel of sorts for the upcoming crossover event, unlike “Empyre: Avengers #0,” this is actually a fun story on its own. As opposed to just being a history lesson and providing some context for “Empyre,” we get to see the Fantastic Four in a pretty typical Fantastic Four story.

Sure, the issue may not have provided a big time villain, but the Profiteer is certainly a foe who is easy to hate as we watch the Fantastic Four take her on. Plus, Johnny and Ben get into their usual antics while Reed tries to figure out all the problems of the universe and Franklin and Valeria get into some trouble. Like I said, typical Fantastic Four story.

And on top of all that, it still serves the purpose of preparing us for “Empyre.” Reed and his family are now aware that something is up between the Kree and Skrulls, though they may not be sure of the specifics. This issue puts them right where they need to be for the upcoming event.

While it may seem like a strange place to start, “Empyre: Fantastic Four #0” is actually not a bad issue for fans who are just looking to jump in. With even a tiny bit of understanding of the Fantastic Four, it’s a fairly easy story to follow and it gives some great context on the family’s familiarity with the two factions that are about to turn the Marvel Universe upside down. Plus, these are just some of the most fun characters Marvel has to offer.

“Empyre: Fantastic Four #0” is available now.