Amphibia returns this Saturday with the premiere episode of the show’s second season. Following the disastrous reunion of Anne and Sasha at the end of the first season, Anne, Hop Pop, Sprig and Polly are going on a road trip from the rural Wartwood to the “big city” of Newtopia to try and uncover more answers about how to get Anne back home. On the way, we learn more shocking things about Amphibia, which only seems to add more mystery.

The season premiere begins with Anne trying to disaster-proof the farm before their departure. As anyone familiar with the series can probably guess, her efforts are not successful. After that issue is resolved, the second part of the episode starts their journey. Along the way, Anne and Sprig yearn for some road trip adventures and willfully disregard Hop Pop’s strict road rules. As you can imagine, this also doesn’t go well. But the episode features some mind blowing revelations that will make you excited for the rest of the season.

I have no doubt that this road trip will be thrilling and adventurous. But we will also get some of that Amphibia fun. How can you not expect to have a blast with upcoming episodes having titles such as “Truck Stop Polly” and “A Caravan Named Desire.”

Matt Braly and his team are continuing the fantastic array of animated series from Disney Television Animation. We also happen to be in luck as this weekend also features the return of Big City Greens and The Owl House. While we are all starved for new content, we are being graced with three tonally different, yet equally fun, shows each weekend on Disney Channel and the DisneyNOW app.

I have so many questions about where Amphibia is headed. I cannot wait to “toon” in each Saturday to find out what lies in store. If you want to make this weekend a Bill Farmer-themed adventure, you can also catch the voice of Hop Pop in a new episode of his Disney+ series, It’s a Dogs Life as well.