The latest arrivals to shopDisney’s Forever Disney collection are all about our childhood favorites. Fans who grew up in the 90’s will love the new designs that feature characters from Aladdin, Hercules, Toy Story and more. If you’re looking for a way to dress or travel comfy and show off your fandom, these fantastic items are for you!

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You don’t need to travel to Agrabah or hope to find a magic lamp to make these Aladdin items yours.


We challenge you to find the strength to resist purchasing the fun trio of Hercules-themed merchandise. Don’t worry, we caved too. I mean look at baby Pegasus! We just couldn’t say no.  

Nightmare Before Christmas

The best thing about The Nightmare Before Christmas, is that you can get multiple seasons of use out of any item you buy! Whether you’re a fan of Halloween or Christmas, Jack, Sally, and the gang are the perfect blend of cute and creepy.

Toy Story

One of the greatest franchises that ever was has just debuted even more creative merchandise. It’s safe to say we never want to (or have to) grow up when Andy’s toys are close by.

The Lion King

You’ll be singing Hakuna Matata everytime you wear this shirt featuring the young and mischievous Simba.

Emperor’s New Groove

Emperor Kuzco would be all about this shirt as it’s all about him…and Pacha, Kronk, and Yzma. We love it too, because it’s comfy cotton and a great throwback to growing up.