The breakout star of Frozen 2 wasn’t Elsa, Ann, or even Olaf. It was an adorably charming little salamander who also happens to be the fire spirit of the Enchanted Forest named Bruni. His plush ended up being the must-have toy for kids around the world and now he’s the star of his own picture book from Disney Press, Bruni’s Big Adventure.

Set after the events of Frozen 2, this delightful story by Suzanne Francis gives kids a peak into what Bruni’s been up to since the credits rolled on the exciting sequel. Elsa is queen of the Enchanted Forest and Bruni is trying to be just like his new role model, Olaf. The two are kindred spirit, with Olaf loving summer and all things hot while Bruni is attracted to frozen things and snow, which cool his hot little temper. The two friends are a match made in heaven.

In the story, Bruni follows Olaf around, trying to mimic everything he does and sitting quietly to listen to a story Olaf reads to him. As you may recall, Olaf had been reading a lot before the events of Frozen 2 and fittingly, Olaf’s love of books can help children develop a similar interest. There’s something poetic about a parent reading this story to a child, which features one of their favorite characters reading a story to Bruni.

The artwork was created by Griselda Sastrawinata-Lemay, who is an artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios where she not only worked on Frozen 2, but even designed costumes for the film. As a result, things like the details on Elsa’s queenly ice gown from the end of the film feel authentic to the film while still being highly styled. The expressions and poses she captures  for Bruni are incredibly charming and even Olaf includes film details, like his permafrost accents introduced in Frozen 2.

Parents and kids will love spending time together reading Bruni’s Big Adventure. It’s July 28th release is perfect because it gives kids and parents a chance to talk about the upcoming changing of the seasons because the story is set in the fall, with hints of winter just around the corner. It’s a story of friendship and learning new skills, relatable and heartwarming for any child who loves the characters from the world of Frozen.