Universal’s Islands of Adventure is comprised of, believe it or not, several themed islands welcoming guests to various types of adventures. One of those islands is Marvel Super Hero Island, which puts guests in the middle of the Marvel Comics universe.

While this island is home to a couple of the park’s most popular attractions – The Incredible Hulk Coaster and The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man – eagle-eyed Marvel fans will also find plenty of fun Easter Eggs around the land. There are dozens of these nods to some of Marvel Comics’ most iconic characters and creators, as well as some lesser known ones. Let’s take a look at some of those Easter Eggs from Marvel Super Hero Island at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

The Baxter Building

Marvel’s first family may not be the subject of any of the attractions in Marvel Super Hero Island, but they do have their very own restaurant. Cafe 4 is one of the first locations guests will see when entering the land and it is very hard to miss, with the iconic Fantastic Four logo and a large cutout of the Human Torch greeting guests.

While Cafe 4 is the name of the eatery, Marvel fans can find the name of the home of the Fantastic Four if they look a little closer. Just above the entrance, you’ll see the words “Baxter Annex.” This is a nod to the Baxter Building, the longtime home of the superhero team.

Yancy Street

While we’re on the topic of the Fantastic Four, fans of the team will also find a very familiar street name as they make their way farther into the land. The ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing has had his fair share of troubles with the Yancy Street Gang over the years, and guests can take a stroll down the street they call home.

Ironically, Marvel Super Hero Idland’s Yancy Street is also home to Doctor Doom’s Fearfall, an attraction based on an iconic Marvel villain who has also cause the Thing some grief over the years.

Stan Lee Boulevard

And speaking of street names, Yancy Street intersects with a street named after the most iconic comic creator of all-time. That’s right true believers, the main path through Marvel Super Hero Island is actually named Stan Lee Boulevard. Excelsior!

The Man Without Fear

While the Hulk and Spider-Man are the two most prominent heroes in the land, there are plenty of nods to others. For example, fans of the man without fear will likely be able to spot a sign referencing the beloved hero known as Daredevil.

Universal Orlando fans know to look up to find some fun details and this one fits with that rule. On the outside of one of the buildings down Stan Lee Blvd, you can find a sign for “Nelson & Murdock – Attorneys at Law.” This of course references the law firm operated by Foggy Nelson and his good friend Matt Murdock – better known as Daredevil.


And speaking of Matt Murdock, there is a nod to another location steeped in the character’s lore. Fogwell’s Gym is the location where Battlin’ Jack Murdock, the father of Daredevil, trained in boxing. It made an appearance in the Netflix series based on the hero.

Ghost Rider

A nod to a very different kind of hero can be found out in front of the entrance to Doctor Doom’s Fearfall. A sign advertising “Blaze & Ketch Mechanics” references two characters (Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch) who have claimed that monicker of Ghost Rider. While the sign also reads “opening soon,” I wouldn’t expect to see a garage open up at Islands of Adventure anytime soon. Although a Ghost Rider attraction would be awesome!


Tying into one of the land’s major attractions, Spider-Man fans might recognize the name of a certain nefarious corporation. Those who look just past the large cutout of the villainous Hobgoblin will notice the building he’s terrorizing belongs to Oscorp, the company owned by Norman Osborn AKA the Green Goblin. Oscorp can also be seen on the windows of a separate building.

Maximum Carnage

And speaking of Spider-Man villains, the head of a certain symbiote can be found right in front of those Oscorp windows. No, it’s not Venom, but rather his even more maniacal offspring known as Carnage. Plus, this Easter Egg actually works on two levels, serving as both a nod to the character and Halloween Horror Nights. At HHN 12 in 2002, Marvel Super Hero Island played host to a haunted house titled “Maximum Carnage.” These Carnage heads serve as a horrifying reminder of the terrors that once lurked in this area of the park.


Right next to those Carnage heads, fans will find “Gladiator's Costume Shop.” Again, this is not an actual attraction but it would be awesome if it was. The name Gladiator belongs to a few characters in the Marvel universe, but in this case it’s a reference to Melvin Potter, who has been known to make gear and costumes for various heroes including Daredevil.

A Famous Weapons Manufacturer

While we’re on the topic of places that make cool gear and costumes, those who stray from the beaten path might just spot a reference to Tony Stark’s weapons and technology manufacturing company. This is an interesting one because it’s not as glaringly obvious as Oscorp, which can be seen from the main path. Guests will have to take a stroll down by the water to get a glimpse of the Star Industries sign.

Donald Blake

A nod to another original member of the Avengers can also be found, but this one is on that main path. Just above the guest services booth, guests will see the name Donald Blake, M.D. This is the alias of a certain God of Thunder. While Thor can also be seen in the form of one of those impressive cutouts, it’s nice to see a more subtle reference to the popular character.

Adam Kubert

And finally, while this one doesn’t exactly have ties to the Marvel universe, it is one of the coolest Easter Eggs you’ll find in any theme park. According to Universal, Adam Kubert, the artist who created those impressive character cutouts found around the land, hid his first name in each one of them. As you can see in the images of the Captain America cutout above, “ADAM” can be found on the left arm. Try it out for yourself. Can you find the hidden signature on the Magneto cutout below?

These are just some of the Marvel Easter Eggs found around Marvel Super Hero Island. There are plenty more, but you’ll have to head over to Universal’s Islands of Adventure to find them for yourself.

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