Often when one enjoys a good book, they may say “I couldn’t put it down.” A nice saying, but when your tummy grumbles reminding you that you have not eaten for a long while because you really couldn’t put this book down, it takes enjoyment to the next level…

Frozen 2: Dangerous Secrets by Mari Mancusi is my favorite, new, epic love story.

It is an easy, enthralling read; one that left me feeling like there is no other way Iduna and Agnarr’s story could be told.

How does Mancusi weave such magic? I don’t know, but here’s a few of many things I adored about this book.

A traditional love story – but Iduna is the hero

A mesmerizing nostalgia oozes out of each adventure-filled page of this book. The story reminded me of my favorite film Ever After, or even Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet, and other such transporting tales of star-crossed lovers. While Frozen and Frozen 2 introduced us to the unprecedented adventure story of two sisters, Dangerous Secrets winds back the clock to traditional storytelling while remaining compelling for the modern reader.

Such a description should not deny or dampen the power behind the book’s hero, Iduna, or her perfectly dashing Disney prince, Agnarr. Not only is Iduna a brave, strong, resourceful, kind, person; she is the embodiment of both Elsa and Anna. I am not sure any good qualities are missing from that sort of combination in a person. Agnarr has his faults (as any "human" would), but his devotion to Iduna triumphs, making him a wish-upon-a-star kinda guy.

Iduna is also the crucial link between two worlds; the key to bridging the gap between Arendelle and the Northuldra and disproving misconceptions about foreign peoples and magic. We know that this task falls to Elsa and to Anna in Frozen and Frozen 2, but Iduna paves the way, begins the journey, such that not one but two determined daughters are needed to fill her shoes.

Perfect pace

The pace of this story is flawless. The back and forth chapters between Iduna’s and Agnarr’s perspectives is masterfully crafted such that it propels the story forward without any event overlap.

Also, while I do consider myself an old-school romantic who enjoys playful scenes between friends and lovers complimented by perfectly primed jokes, stories, and in this case, chocolate, not once did I feel that even these relationship-development scenes dragged on. Nor did I grow impatient wondering what might happen next. So much HAPPENS in this book. While “dangerous secrets” lie under the surface at every turn, Iduna and Agnarr’s day-to-day (or year-to-year) twists and turns are such that the reader, too, is forced to shelve the underlying secrets for a while to carry on with the story. Much like real life, no?

The story brilliantly builds on Frozen lore

The story is infallibly consistent with, and beautifully builds upon, Frozen lore. Mancusi cleverly and oftentimes subtly incorporates some of our favorite Frozen events, phrases and language into the book which are a sure treat for diehard fans. It also must be said that Dangerous Secrets is a powerful, standalone story, not just a backstory to Frozen. Readers will not be disappointed. In fact, they will be proud to add this story to the Frozen universe and their collection of Disney stories to revisit for generations to come.

Frozen 2: Dangerous Secrets is currently available for preorder on Amazon and will be released on November 3, 2020.