Jonathan Hickman’s revamped X-Men corner of the Marvel Comics universe has been one of the biggest Marvel projects in recent memories. Soon, the mutants will be heading into a new chapter when the big “X of Swords” crossover begins.

That’s exactly where “Marauders #12” is heading. One of the mutant-based titles is back to start the path to “X of Swords” and it sees the return of a beloved former member of the X-Men and a leader of her very own team. Kate Pryde has finally been resurrected and she’s out for revenge.

As previously mentioned, the mutant-based comics right now are incredibly complex. Sometimes you come across a comic that you jump right into and use as a good starting point. This is not one of those comics. The “Marauders” title has been quite the winding road, and while it has been a very fun ride, it’s not one you can jump into the middle of.

With that being said, Marvel is only going to benefit from the return of what is quickly becoming one of their very best characters. Kate Pryde has gone from being an innocent little girl to being a true leader and one of the toughest mutants in existence. Her presence is going to shake up the X-comics as we head down the path to “X of Swords.”

Before we get there though, Kate has another plan in mind. She wants revenge on the man who killed her. She’s certainly enjoying the chance to reunite with her friends and the ones she loves, but she still very much has Sebastian Shaw in her crosshairs.

The Marauders series started off as a very fun, very different type of X-Men comic, with Kate Pryde leading a team of what was essentially mutant pirates on various missions to help get other mutants to the island of Krakoa. It included a great cast of characters including Storm, Pyro, Emma Frost and others. Now, the story is much more focused.

While it may seem like a loss to not include great characters like that (at least not as much), it has allowed writer Gerry Duggan to really dig in on Kate and develop her into the great character she has become. Sure, everything around her may be a bit complex right now (and I’m sure it will continue in that direction once “X of Swords” begins) but at least we get to see how she handles it all.

Marvel fans who are looking for an exciting new comic to read, will almost certainly be let down if this is the issue they pick up. Yes, it reintroduces Kate, but that’s about all it does. At least half of the issue is spent seeing her reunite with the other mutants while another good chunk of it is her somewhat confusing interaction with Emma Frost. There is nothing in the way of superhero action in these pages.

With that being said though, this is a great set up issue for the story going forward. Kate is clearly on a mission and she is more motivated than ever to get what she wants. To the point where she is even willing to tattoo that mission on her own hands.

“Marauders #12” is available now.