Decadent Halloween Treats Arrive at Disney Springs

Halloween is in full swing at Walt Disney World even at Disney Springs! Some ghoulish delights have arrived around the shopping and entertainment district and of course we had to snap some pictures! Let’s take a look.

The Ganachery

If you are craving something ooey gooey and chocolatey, you’ll definitely want to visit The Ganachery. Located at The Landing, this chocolate haven is full of delicious, rich treats that are almost too beautiful to eat.

Minnie Mouse Frankenstein Piñata

Minnie Mouse has had a monstrous makeover inspired by Frankenstein’s monster—complete with a stitch on her head and bolts on her neck! She’s still sporting a purple polka dot bow, and is surrounded by a base of sprinkles. The piñata is made of 65% dark chocolate and is filled with marshmallow treats.  You can bring one of these beauties home for $28.

Housemade S’mores

If the piñata doesn’t strike your fancy, be sure to check out the S’mores! Housemade marshmallows are toasted to a delicious golden brown, smothered in dark chocolate, then finally sandwiched between two crackers that are made right in the store! To add the final flourish, powdered sugar is dusted on the top in the shape of Mickey’s head. Share them or don’t. You can purchase these for $8.50 each.


At AristoCrêpes in the Marketplace guests can enjoy some sweet, but spooky adult beverage called The Bug Juice or dig into a dirt and worms sundae served in an Oogie Boogie container.

The Bug Juice

Slurp up this creepy drink that mixes Absolut Vodka, Midori, Chambord, Bols Blue Curacao, Sweet and Sour, and Cranberry Juice and topped with Gummy Worms. $14.00 plus tax.

Oogie Boogie Worms in Dirt Sundae

This sweet treat is made with ice cream (your choice for the flavor) and is topped with chocolate cookie dust, gummy worms, and whip cream. But the best part might be that all this goodness is served in an Oogie Boogie container that’s yours to keep! The sundae is available for $16.99 plus tax.

All Photos by Jeremiah Good.

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