You all, everybody! Do you know what today is? It’s the 16th anniversary of the premiere of Lost. That’s right, today was the day that Oceanic flight 815 crashed on the Island and viewers were introduced to a diverse group of survivors with interesting backstories and tons of issues.

Sure, 16 is an odd anniversary to commemorate, but the number holds some significance to the Island and falls in the sequence repeated across the series. With that in mind I’m taking advantage of this milestone and guiding you to the ShopABCTV website where you can grab some Lost merchandise for your home.

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Lost Merchandise from ABC TV

These 41 items (really ABC? You couldn’t add one more?) may not be new, but they can still bring the spirit of the series right to you. Plus with full-size Standees of the main survivors, you can have the ultimate Jack and Locke showdown…in your living room!


Dharma Initiative

Perfect for 2020

Drive Shaft

Other Favorites

Whether you’ve been a fan since the first episode, or came to the Island after the series finished it’s TV run (guilty), you know that Lost was a special show. And while the ending was divisive and many mysteries remain unsolved, Christian told Jack what was really important, “you needed them, and they needed you.”

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