Review: Spider-Man Maximum Venom “Generations”

The fifth episode of Spider-Man: Maximum Venom airs this Sunday on Disney XD and the DisneyNOW app. After watching it, I can’t believe they packed all the fun, twists, and emotion into one hour of television animation. This show continues to delight, and build upon itself in awesome ways. Our latest installment is entitled “Generations,” and after watching the episode, you will realize how fitting that title is.

To set the stage of this episode, Curt Connors has brought his own brand of education to Horizon High. With security bots and school uniforms weighing on our heroes, they discover that there might be a greater threat then uncomfortable clothing. Peter discovers a vial of jackal serum so he and Ghost-Spider try to track down their foe. While they are battling some of Jackal’s monsters, Miles and Anya discover that the Jackal is just the beginning of their problems.

Discussing much more than that would enter spoiler territory, but I do want to take a moment to recognize the stellar voice cast. While everyone delivers excellent performances, the villains really pushed the bar. I don’t want to discuss performances that would be spoilers, but John DiMaggio (Jackal) never disappoints.

What the most shocking thing about Maximum Venom is, is that it can be shocking. We have all been consuming Spider-Man stories across film, TV, and comics our entire lives. That the show is able to find new and exciting ways to tell Spidey stories continues to impress and makes me tune in every month. With the Marvel content drought that will soon end with WandaVision, Maximum Venom is able to be a bright spot of mighty Marvel fun each month.

Don’t miss the season finale on October 25 which features guest stars from Zombies 2, Meg Donnelly, Kylee Russell, and Carla Jeffery. You won’t believe who they are portraying. I am counting down the days!