Wakanda is a much more advance nation than the rest of the world knows. So, it stands to reason that there would be a book full of their secrets and all the information they’ve gathered on the outside world. Well, thanks to Epic Ink and Troy Benjamin, that book now exists and it is titled The Wakanda Files.

Marvel fans looking for a new story probably shouldn’t get too excited about The Wakanda Files. The new book is really a collection of information we already know from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, for fans looking to go out and pick up a new Black Panther story, you may want to look into some of the new Marvel Comics releases instead.

With that being said, The Wakanda Files is an awesome addition to the collection of any fan of the MCU. Not only does this book contain extensive knowledge of the entire history of the wildly popular films, but it does so from the perspective of the Wakandans. The book features many entries from Wakanda’s War Dogs and even Shuri herself. These entries provide information on the various members of the Avengers, the villains they’ve face, the weapons they’ve used and much more.

And that’s not even the coolest part of this new book. You may have noticed in the first image that The Wakanda Files comes with an interesting accessory. The kimoyo beads attached to the book itself feature a UV light that reveals secret messages throughout the book! That’s right. You actually have to find secret messages from the War Dogs for more information about the MCU.

Now, you might assume you’re simply going to flip through pages until you see a message along the lines of “shine Kimoyo bead here!,” but you would be mistaken. The Wakanda Files doesn’t make it that easy for you and that just makes it more fun. Pages will seem completely normal until you shine that UV light and find those hidden messages jotted amongst the other notes.

And to make these hidden messages even better, they actually contain some really cool information about the MCU. It’s not just throw-away notes on one War Dog’s opinion Thor’s weapons, but details about their missions that we have not yet seen in the MCU. For example, one message mentions how a War Dog has infiltrated Pym Technologies and has been working with the company undercover – a fun detail we were not already aware of.

The Wakanda Files may not be a brand new Marvel Cinematic Universe story, but it is a must-have for fans of the MCU. With fun art, details and even some interesting new pieces of information on the popular movies, this book has a lot to offer. Plus, you get to feel like a Wakandan War Dog with your Kimoyo bead and search for hidden messages.

The Wakanda Files is available for pre-order now on Amazon and will become released on October 20.