Marvel has a very rich 80-year history, loaded with countless talented creators, characters and stories. Marvel Comics: The First 80 Years from Titan Publishing perfectly encapsulates that history, in great detail, with a breakdown of every decade from the 1930s to now.

Marvel Comics: The First 80 Years is essentially the textbook for Marvel Comics history. Beginning with the formation of Timely Comics in 1939 and coming all the way to present day, this book is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Marvel.

Not only does the book share information on the lives and world of some of the greatest comic creators in Marvel history – like Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and many more – but it also details some of the most popular characters and stories of the past 80 years. From the creation of Captain America and Spider-Man to the debuts of the “Infinity Gauntlet” and “Civil War” arcs, this book covers it all.

The book also features a bunch of amazing, incredible and fantastic art from throughout Marvel’s history. Not only do you get to relive some of the most iconic covers from Marvel Comics, but in some instances you actually get to dive into the panels of some of the most memorable stories as well. And on top of comics, the book also features looks at toys, television series and even the creators themselves. You really get to see a little bit of all of Marvel’s history.

Marvel Comics: The First 80 Years is also a very easy read. The chapters are broken down into decades, with a few pages worth of information on each one. Plus, if you’re looking for any specific event in time, a very handy timeline runs through the entire book, charting milestones throughout Marvel’s 80 years. Some of the points of interest include the hiring of Stan Lee, the introductions of iconic characters and even the name change to Marvel.

If there’s one negative to this book, it’s simply that it isn’t long enough. Obviously 80 years is a lot of time to cover and this book simply isn’t thick enough to get to all of it. While it touches on some of the most popular characters and stories, there are so many more that go unmentioned. Plus, while the focus of this book is on Marvel Comics, it feels like at least some attention should have been paid to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Still, this book is loaded with Marvel history. It just could have a little more.

Marvel Comics: The First 80 Years is a must-have for any Marvel fan or collector. It is loaded with all kinds of great information and an incredibly helpful timeline that perfectly documents that major points in Marvel’s history. For longtime fans of the stories, or those who are just looking to get into them, this is a very helpful tool. Plus, it makes a nice addition to the book shelf.

You can order Marvel Comics: The First 80 Years now.