The long-awaited return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is finally here. The Scarlet Witch and Vision have returned in the premiere episodes of the new series WandaVision on Disney+. The first episode follows a 50s theme as Wanda and Vision arrive in their new home in Westview.

The episode opens with a classic 50s sitcom-style theme song and montage as the seemingly newlywed Wanda and Vision arrive in their new home. As the episode begins, Wanda uses her powers to clean up the kitchen. As Vision enters, a plate hits him in the head and shatters. The two make jokes about each other as a studio audience laughs, setting the tone for the rest of the episode. It doesn’t take long to realize that you’re very much watching a sitcom as opposed to an action-packed Marvel adventure.

The two puzzle over the significance of this day as Vision points out a heart drawn on the date on their calendar. Neither of them is able to remember the occasion so they simply decide they are celebrating together. As Vision leaves the house for work, Wanda points out that he has forgotten to transform himself into his human appearance, which he does before heading out.

Wanda answers a knock at the door, which turns out to be Agnes, played by Kathryn Hahn. Wanda and the new neighbor trade some banter and Wanda realizes she needs to formulate her story as they converse. Wanda decides to tell Agnes that she and Vision will be celebrating their anniversary and Agnes says she wants to help plan the night.

We then get to see Vision at “work.” The synthezoid completes a stack of forms before passing them off to a coworker who points out how fast he works. He jokes that Vision is like a walking computer, which Vision immediately and hilariously denies. He also makes a joke about the song “Yakety Yak,” which plays on the radio and expresses his lack of understanding for what they actually do at this job. Vision explains that he can’t remember the significance of today before his boss, Mr. Hart, tells him he is looking forward to tonight. Turns out Vision and Wanda were supposed to host Mr. Hart and his wife for dinner. Mr. Hart explains the importance of the dinner, pointing out an employee he fired because their dinner went poorly.

Vision calls Wanda, who is planning their anniversary celebration with Agnes at home. In a classic sitcom bit, the two talk about their plans for the night without ever actually specifying the occasion, setting the table for the classic mix-em-up to come later.

After the scene, the episode is actually interrupted by a commercial. But not a real commercial, more like a freaky commercial (thanks, Korg). The “ad” is for a Stark Industries toaster, which sounds suspiciously like Iron Man’s repulsors as it loads up. The “ad” also holds for an extended period of time as the toaster ticks down and beeps before the toast pops out. Something is certainly off about this commercial and it seems as though it could be providing a window outside of this reality, but we’ll have to wait and see if that is the case.

Returning to the show, Wanda welcomes Mr. and Mrs. Hart into their home. Wanda sneaks up behind Mr. Hart, mistaking him for Vision, and gives him the old “guess who.” Vision scrambles to explain that Wanda is from Sokovia and this is their way of welcoming guests. The Harts accept this explanation, though it’s apparent they’re a little uncomfortable.

Vision and Wanda retreat to the kitchen where Vision explains what’s going on, pointing out that the heart on the calendar represents his boss’ visit. Wanda snaps herself into a new dress and begins going to work on cooking a home-cooked meal.

Vision speaks with his boss about work and again tries to get more information about what his company actually does. Agnes arrives in the kitchen to help Wanda prepare dinner and she drops a pot. The crash in the kitchen prompts Mrs. Hart to offer her help. Wanda hurries Agnes out of their home and begins going to work, using her powers to cause another crash. As Mrs. Hart makes another attempt to help in the kitchen, Vision distracts her by singing “Yakety Yak,” catching everyone off guard.

Wanda struggles to make dinner, turning a chicken into a basket of eggs while Vision continues to distract the Harts with a sing-along. The Harts begin to grow impatient and start demanding answers. Just as Mr. Hart begins to scold Vision, Wanda quickly lays out their dinner and they all sit down to eat.

Mrs. Hart asks Wanda about their story, which neither her nor Vision can come up with. Mr. Hart begins to demand answers until he starts choking on his food. Wanda seemingly realizes something is wrong and looks panicked before finally telling Vision to save Mr. Hart. Vision removes the food from his boss’ airway and saves his life, which prompts an end to their visit. Surprisingly, the Harts are pleased and Mr. Hart promises Vision a talk about a promotion on Monday morning.

After their guests leave, Wanda and Vision relax on their couch and Wanda points out that they have no anniversary, song or wedding rings. They decide today will be their anniversary, their song will be “Yakety Yak” and Wanda makes some rings for them. They share a kiss as Vision turns off the television with a remote and the shot pulls out on a classic sitcom ending. However, as it continues to pull out, we see someone sitting at a desk watching the end of this strange sitcom. A notebook on the desk and a computer screen next to the television both bare the S.W.O.R.D. logo.

This first episode is a perfect introduction to the series. It sets the table for this bizarre reality Wanda has created, as they are both clearly aware something is wrong. However, it is also simply a hilarious sitcom. The cast does an incredible job of fitting in with the 50s motif and the show-within-the-show is fantastically entertaining. This is a great start to a series that is going to keep audiences both laughing and looking for answers.

You can watch WandaVision on Disney+ now.

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