Ana’s relationship with Javi is growing stronger every day. However, there’s another man in her life now and it’s Mr. Jesus Christ. We join Ana moments before she’s baptized in a pool accompanied by a DJ, ‘cause cool church. Her comfort levels with both relationships are at an all-time high. Ana is glowing from the strength in her relationships with Javi and her faith. It’s quite endearing…until the whole S-E-X conversation is brought up.

Javi ends up crashing at Ana’s after a late night and the tension is evident. Both are scared to get close to each other in bed, due to their celibacy. Even the thought of cuddling seems to scare them, as they fear it will turn into something more…

Now, this is Grownish. Of course it turned into something more. Ana and Javi wake up to a horror that neither of them expected. Not just that they went against their promise to God, but that the act wasn’t even that good. Guilt plus the bad time in the bedroom leaves the pair disgusted and angry with themselves. How could they disobey their holy promise, only for the act to be so…blah? Guess they should just try again. And again. Think of Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me,” but instead of denying all the locations, they confirmed them.

They are so conflicted and angry, trying to figure out what is the proper “next step” to take. After Ana contemplates in solitude, she comes to terms with the fact that the next step is going to be a difficult one. The only way to continue her renewed relationship with God is to delete any outlying distractions from her life. Sorry Javi, but you gots to go.

Within the next two minutes, Ana tells Javi they will have to cut off the relationship. Javi is disappointed, but he understands. But, they both love each other?! Wait, are they doing it on the sofa? Hold up, it was good that time?! After that whirlwind, they both go back to church and renew their vow of celibacy. Those were some Fast Times at Grownish High.

Meanwhile, Zoey is working as a stylist with a new client. She is having trouble formulating the correct tone with clients in general, but especially in this case. While she has curated a large selection of outfits, she can’t decide if she should agree with everything her client does or take a stand and fight for her own vision. With this one case, she tries it all!

Indigo, Zoey’s new fashion canvas, first questions Zoey’s ability to make a strong decision, as she’s too “Pollyana” for her liking. After finally speaking up, Indigo jumps back with a firing threat. Zoey’s inner monologue, I would assume, is something along the lines of “Pardon?!?!?” After Zoey takes one last stab at speaking up for her styling and decision-making, Indigo applauds her. It was all a test! A ridiculous, nasty test. But hey, Zoey is still employed. Let the paychecks keep coming and the success endure for our favorite dropout.

Study Hall Notes:

  • This Week’s C-Plot Line Sentence Summary: Doug and Jazz still miss each other!
  • Sky’s Moment of the Week: When describing the story of Jesus’s resurrection, “And then he returned and we got salvation and Cadbury eggs.”
  • Y’all, Rochelle and Aaron are clingy to a fault and I’m gonna need that to stop ASAP. If not, I may have to knock on Aaron’s door and scream at him to tone it down.