Springtime is a season for love blooming, encapsulating Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. In celebration, Disney Press has re-released a book from their 2008 “Disney Bunnies” series, inspired by Thumper and his family from Bambi. I Love You, My Bunnies is perfect for both holidays, a board book that mothers will want to read to their toddlers again and again.

Thumper’s mom wakes up to find that springtime is here, waking her bunnies up and feeding them a leafy green breakfast. Full of love, Thumper and his sisters Trixie, Daisy, Ria and Tessie come up with an idea to do something nice for their mom. They gather twigs to make a basket and flowers to fill it, but the best gift of all is a big hug from their mom at the end of the day.

The heartwarming message of I Love You, My Bunnies is that small acts of kindness go a long way to show that you care. Charming illustrations by Lori Tyminski, Maria Elena Naggie and Charles Pickens capture the style of the animated classic Bambi while filling in the characters with more texture, making them look furry like real bunnies rather than flat like a cartoon. The color choices are also soft and easy on the eyes, depicting calming shades of green, soft blues, and small pops of pink, yellow and orange on flowers. The art celebrates nature with the principal characters and woods depicting earth tones.

Everything about I Love You, My Bunnies is designed to strengthen the bond between mother and child as they share this story together. Being a board book, it’s perfect for toddlers with grabby hands because they can’t bend or tear the pages. The cover also has a sensory component, giving a flocked fuzzy feeling to the tails of three of the bunnies and their mom’s furry chest. It’s just about as sweet a book as you’ll find during this springtime season of love.

Disney Bunnies I Love You, My Bunnies: Disney Books, Disney Storybook Art Team: 9781368023337: Amazon.com: Books

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