Is your morning coffee routine missing some Disney magic? These delightful new mugs will solve that problem! shopDisney is hoping to add some sparkle to your day with glitter handle glass mugs, or explore some interesting shapes with character themed cups that are as fun as the movies they represent.

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Glass Mugs – $14.99

“You'll never get tired of this Sleeping Beauty glass mug with the whimsical slogan ‘going back to bed after this.’”

“Look forward to a taste of the good life when you drink from this glass with its whimsical meme ‘Wishing for the weekend.’”

“Let them know who rules when you drink from this glass mug with the emphatic slogan 'I run this castle.’''

“Enjoy a taste of the Evil Queen's villainy with this deliciously whimsical glass mug with the tempting invitation to take ‘Just one bite.’”

Character Creations – $19.99

“See the light each morning while sipping a potent potion from this original mug in the form of a luminaria lantern with sculpted Pascal handle. Helps on a bad hair day.”

“On a chilly morning, sip some hot cocoa from this sculpted mug in the form of Marshmallow and his Snowgies siblings as seen in Disney's Frozen films.”

“Dalmatian pups Lucky and Rolly enjoy their favorite tv star, Thunderbolt, as you awaken each morning to a new adventure, rubbing the spots from your eyes while sipping from this novel mug.”