Funko collectors, don’t put your wallets away just yet, more fun merchandise is on its way! Earlier today, Funko tweeted a picture of their Pop! Pins – Disney collection featuring characters from Hercules and A Goofy Movie. These four items are available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth and will be arriving in May.

Pop! Pins – Disney

Whether you want to jam with Max and Powerline or spend some time with Baby Hercules and Baby Pegasus, you’ll definitely want to add these 4 inch enamel pins to your collection. Not only do these pins have standard pin backings, they also have a "Funko Crown" pin stand allowing each collectible to stand up for a dynamic display! Each pin sells for $15.99


A Goofy Movie Max Large Enamel Pop! Pin – Entertainment Earth


A Goofy Movie Powerline Large Enamel Pop! Pin

Baby Pegasus

Hercules Baby Pegasus Large Enamel Pop! Pin

Baby Hercules

Hercules Baby Hercules Large Enamel Pop! Pin

Pop! Pins – Deadpool

If the Disney characters aren’t quite your thing, there’s also four Deapool styles available for pre-order too! The pins reimagine the antihero as different characters including a panda and wizard. Just like the Disney designs, Deadpool will be arriving this May.

Deadpool Panda Deadpool Large Enamel Pop! Pin

Deadpool King Deadpool Large Enamel Pop! Pin

Deadpool Wizard Deadpool Large Enamel Pop! Pin

Deadpool Taco Deadpool Large Enamel Pop! Pin