“Barely Necessities” Presents Sensational Seven Merchandise Selections for March 30th

Welcome back for another edition of the “Sensational Seven” segment from Barely Necessities: The Disney Merchandise Show. This week, Rebekah’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs inspirations come from Universal Orlando Resort!

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Sensational Seven

Every week on Barely Necessities, Rebekah selects seven items loosely inspired by the unique personalities of the dwarfs. Some items will have obvious connections, others will require a bit of creativity and imagination but, all of them will be fun. Today, the dwarfs have taken a vacation to Universal Studios and brought back these nifty souvenirs.


Whether trying to help yourself wake up in the morning or just winding down before you catch some zzzs, this mug with its handy spoon will help you achieve your simple hot beverage goals.

Universal Studios Spoon Mug


For his souvenir selection, Happy was drawn to over excited (and sometimes troublesome) Minions. This mug features the bright yellow buddies enjoying their own vacation and sending greetings back home from UOR.

Despicable Me Greetings from Universal Studios Mug


For Grumpy, we have this King Kong shirt that features his stern and stoic face. Just the Mr. G, Kong always is on the verge of getting upset. Basically, don’t push his buttons!

Reign of Kong Face Men's T-Shirt


Even Dopey is a fan of dinosaurs! We love this silly, completely unnecessary but absolutely fun T Rex bubble wand.  

Jurassic Park T. Rex Bubble Wand


If you’re prone to sneezing, you’re going to want something useful to hold all of your allergy fighting essentials. Say hello to this bright, color blocked retro fanny pack that does double duty so you can make a trendy fashion statement while carrying around your personal belongings.

Universal Studios Retro Fanny Pack


Our buddy Bashful loved his visit to Universal, but he didn’t want to make quite as much noise and his fellow dwarfs. He’s opted for this grey and white hoodie (perfect for hiding) with a small US logo for Universal Studios.

Universal Studios Varsity Adult Hooded Sweatshirt


From one Doc to another, the Back to the Future: The Ride glass was the natural choice for the leader of the dwarfs. There are a total of four designs so guests can make their own Back to the Future inspired set. Cheers!

Universal Studios Retro Back To The Future Collectible Glass

That’s it for this week’s Sensational Seven! For more from Barely Necessities, follow us @DisneyMerchShow on Twitter and Instagram and head on over to our merchandise round up which features all of the topics we covered on the show. Thanks for joining us, and see ya real soon!