Raven’s Home is back with a brand-new episode streaming on DisneyNow and airing on Disney Channel on April 2nd at 8/7c. Called “Fresh Off the Note,” this episode explores how a perceived crush can change the dynamics between friends. Here’s a recap of all the fun of the latest episode of Raven’s Home.

Raven finds Levi up early as she gives him breakfast, learning that Booker has asked Levi to wake him up and he has a hard time saying no. She empowers him to say no and when Booker says “Good morning,” she shuts down the conversation and tells him “No.” After Nia and Booker leave for school, Chelsea comes in and tells Raven she’s excited to see the gift she made for “The Big Event.” Raven pretends she knows what she’s talking about, but after Chelsea walks out, she asks Levi to help remind her what she was supposed to make for Chelsea, but he uses his newfound courage and says no.

Booker, Tess and Nia find Ramon at school wearing a shirt that says “Tess & Tess & Tess & Tess & Me,” which she finds sweet. Olivia joins the group and compliments Booker on his haircut. When she walks away, Ramon, Tess and Nia tease Booker, thinking Olivia has a crush on him. When Ramon and Tess leave Booker and Nia alone, she asks her brother not to start a relationship with Olivia because it will throw off their friend group. “C’mon Nia, when was the last time I messed something up?,” he asks her as she pulls out a list of his mistakes just from that morning.

Raven is working in her studio when Chelsea and Levi come in. Levi shares that at school, he said no to a lot of people. Chelsea is about to go get a manicure and asks Raven what color she should get so that it matches what Raven makes her. Raven tells her to get a reddish orange-ish pink on the fly, still unsure what she’s supposed to make Chelsea. After she leaves, Raven asks Levi again, who still refuses to help.

At the apartment, Booker, Nia, Ramon and Tess are hanging out when Olivia arrives, giving Booker a scarf that matches his. He then has a vision of Olivia saying “You’re gonna be the best boyfriend ever,” freaking out and deciding to do something about it. Pulling Olivia into the kitchen to help him grab chips and salsa, he tries to tell her he likes her only as a friend, but ends up unable to say the words. When Olivia finds a penny and Booker tells her all the change in the house goes to his mom, she says something else that makes him think she likes her: “I’ve got enough luck just being around you”

When Levi gets home, Booker asks him for some help, Trying to say no, Levi ends up saying “No Problem.” He talks Booker through how to break the news to Olivia, writing a note for him to place in her locker. Levi sleeps on the couch that night to avoid Booker asking to wake him up in the morning when Raven comes through with a stack of Chelsea’s laundry. She was trying to find Chelsea’s clothing size, but Chelsea catches her and Raven tells her she was “Sleep washing.”

At school the next day, Booker slips the note Levi wrote into what he thought was Olivia’s locker. After he walks away, Tess comes and finds the note in her locker by mistake. It isn’t addressed to anyone and isn’t signed, so Tess gets a note saying she’s awesome and whoever wrote it just wants to be friends. She assumes it’s from Ramon and gets upset. When Ramon comes up to them and says hi, Tess storms off. When Ramon asks Nia what he did, she annoyedly says “Boys” and chases after her best friend.

Booker is eating his lunch outside when Olivia finds him. He asks if she’s mad at him and she asks what for, offering him a homemade brownie. Ramon finds Booker alone and asks him why Tess is mad, but Booker doesn’t know that he put the note in the wrong locker yet.

Back at the lockers, Tess confronts Ramon, saying he broke up with her without letting her have her say. She starts to list things she doesn’t like about him and does the same. Booker, watching the scene play out, realizes what happened and comes clean, telling Tess that the note was from him and it was meant for Olivia, who is standing behind him and hears the whole conversation. He turns around to see her looking embarrassed as she runs out of the hallways. Ramon and Tess are still mad at each other. “I guess we’re over,” Tess tells Ramon as Nia blames Booker for destroying their friendship group.

At home, Booker is mad at himself and asks Levi for help, who is now able to say no. Booker agrees that since he made the mess, he should fix it. He and Nia make a plan, with Booker inviting Ramon to the roof to play a game and Nia telling Tess to come up to see a cloud that looks like Billie Eilish. They soon make up and get back together and Booker decides to be honest with Olivia and talk to her face-to-face.

Chelsea comes out of a dressing room in Raven’s office wearing a full outfit in shades of red, orange and pink. Raven made it still without knowing what Chelsea was expecting and she uses phrases like “I can’t believe it” and “I’m speechless” when Raven asks her how she likes it. Asking for more clarity, Chelsea says ‘I love it!,” reminding Raven that she only asked for a scarf but was delighted to receive a matching dress, headband, belt and purse. The scarf was for a night at the theater and Raven, who stayed up all night making the ensemble, lays on the couch, saying she needs a nap.

Olivia arrives at the apartment in response to a barrage of texts, voicemails and emails from Booker. “Why did you think I wanted you to be my boyfriend?,” she asks him. Booker repeats some of the compliments she gave him and the brings up the scarf, to which she replies that she also gave Tess mittens. She affirms that she only thinks of Booker as a friend. “You’re going to be the best boyfriend ever… just not for me,” she tells him, finishing the vision he had. Nia, Tess and Ramon join them as they hang out in the living room, putting their feet up on the table. Raven rushes through the room with a garment bag and yells at them: “Get your feet off the coffee table.”

A short time later, Raven emerges dressed up with Chelsea, who holds two tickets for a show called “The Big Event.” Revealing the lackluster plot details, Raven asks if she can stay home, but Chelsea uses her theatrical tricks to motivate her out the door. Just as they leave, the kids put their feet back up on the coffee table. The door immediately reopens, with Raven once again yelling “Get your feet off the table!”

Raven’s Home will be back on April 9th with another new episode called “10 Things Debate About You.” Here’s the official episode description:

After Levi helps convince Booker to join the debate team, he and Booker are pitted against each other in order to prepare for the big tournament.